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Center for Positive Scholarship for Organisational Sustainability

Objectives of the Center

  • To conduct research on emerging areas of positive scholarship and related themes
  • To develop awareness through special lectures/seminars/symposia/conferences /labs and social media
  • To disseminate research findings through journal papers/books/ book chapters/case studies To design and deliver management development programmes/workshops
  • To collaborate on knowledge generation, dissemination and promotion of positive scholarship nationally and internationally

Focus Areas

  • Humanistic Management/Dignity
  • Values/Spirituality
  • Emotional/Social intelligence
  • Responsible Management/Leadership typologies
  • Well-being & Sustainability


  • Sharma, Radha R.; Csuri, Merrill; Ogunyemi, Kemi (Eds.) (2017) Managing for Responsibility: A Sourcebook for an Alternative Paradigm, Business Expert Press, USA. (Included in UN PRME book Collection)
  • Sharma, Radha R. & Cooper, Cary (Univ. of Manchester) (2017) Executive Burnout: Concept, Models and Eastern & Western Approaches for its Mitigation, Emerald Publishing, UK.
  • Sharma, Radha R. & Vallabh, Priyanka (Eds). (2016) Strengthening Values & Ethics for Sustainable Growth Excel Publishers, 2016.
  • Sharma, Radha R. Change Management and Organisational Transformation, McGraw-Hill Education, 2012.
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Select Research Publications/ conference papers

Sharma, Radha R. (2017). The New Paradigm: The Competency Model for Management Education in Managing for Responsibility: Sourcebook for an Alternative Paradigm, Business Expert Press, USA, pp. 1-10.

Sharma, Radha R. and Sharma, N.P. (2015) Opening the Gender Diversity Black Box: Causality of Perceived Gender Equity and Locus of Control and Mediation of Work Engagement in Employee Well-Being, Frontiers in Psychology. 6:1371. doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2015.01371.

Pardasani, R.; Sharma, Radha, R.; Biswas, S. (2016) Resonant Leadership as an Enabler of Positivity in the Organizations presented at 76th Annual Academy of Management conference, Anaheim, USA, August 6-9, 2016.

Sonam Chawla , Radha R. Sharma. (2016) How women traverse an upward journey in Indian industry: multiple case studies, Gender in Management: An International Journal, Vol. 31 (3) 181 - 206.

Sharma, Radha R. (2016) Gender Equity for Sustainable Business Growth presented in Business Sustainability and Responsibility Reporting Summit, PHDCC, New Delhi, June 24-25.

Sharma, Radha R. (2016) Organiser and Presenter in PDW on Creating meaningful organizations: role of values, spirituality, mindfulness and leadership during 76th Annual Academy of Management conference, Anaheim, August 6-9.

Pardasani, R.; Sharma, Radha R. & Bindlish P. (2014). Facilitating Workplace Spirituality: Lessons from Indian Spiritual Traditions, Journal of Management Development, Emerald10/2014; 33(8/9):847-859.

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Sharma, Radha R & Pardasani, R. (2016) Humanistic Leadership with Spiritual Foundation: A case study of Swami Vivekananda presented during National conference on Strengthening Values & Ethics for Sustainable Growth, Sept. 22-23, MDI Gurgaon


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