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Web Committee

Web Committee
Web Committee brings technology to several aspects of a student's life at MDI – be it academic or extra-curricular. It maintains and updates the student's portal and makes the latest content available to them. It engages with the coordinators of all the activities and events on campus to ensure that the site is updated with the latest content. It also works on creating & managing online forums for next batch of students to ensure they are well updated about MDI before coming to MDI. A major initiative, which Web Committee has undertaken was to integrate websites/blogs of various, clubs under one domain - making it one stop solution to all club related information. Another achievement of Web Committee was the creation of 'VidyaSagar' – an online academic system to manage & archive all course and study material for students.


Samaritans is the social initiatives club of the Management Development Institute (MDI). It aims at inculcating a culture of social responsibility among aspiring managers of today through various events within MDI as well as by working with NGOs and corporate on significant projects. The objective is to harness the management acumen of ManDevIans in making a difference to the society.

The 2016-17 senior Samaritans team had Rahul Talari, SarikaBikkani, DharaBabaria, SrajanSrivastava, Sonali Bhatia, LipikaAgarwal, Swatah Siddha, Geetika Mittal, KalpeshSadanias members and AniruddhaDeshpande as the Secretary. The activities/events which are conducted by them are as follows:

Aarohan- The Social Awareness Week - Every year in the month of February, MDI witnesses yet another spectacular event - Aarohan which is the Social Awareness Week of MDI. Aarohan '16 encompassed a huge variety of events including a marathon - Mandevian Miles, an awareness creation quiz, Are you Aware?, a National Case Study Competition, Coaching Camps for the under privileged children, an NGO Talk and its very own Mandevian Day when students of MDI visit various NGOs and work with them for a day.

AarohanAarohan- The Social Awareness Week - Every year in the month of February, MDI witnesses yet another spectacular event - Aarohan which is the Social Awareness Week of MDI. Aarohan '16 encompassed a huge variety of events including a marathon - Mandevian Miles, an awareness creation quiz, Are you Aware?, a National Case Study Competition, Coaching Camps for the under privileged children, an NGO Talk and its very own Mandevian Day when students of MDI visit various NGOs and work with them for a day.

Social awareness quizzes - National level series of social awareness quizzes was conducted during Aarohan - to encourage students to know more about the social initiatives around them. The quiz brought in the best of brains from different parts of the country, with participants from colleges like IIM Ahmedabad, MDI Gurgaon, FMS Delhi, IIM Indore, IIM Shillong, NITIE Mumbai, Shailesh J. Mehta School of Management, IIT BombayXIMB to name a few.

Blood donation camp - In collaboration with Genebandhu, this is conducted twice a year. Last time, we also provided students with the opportunity to get their stem cell donation.

Clothes donation for Chennai flood victims - Chennai flood victims were given support from the institute through clothes donation through the NGO – Goonj.

Newspapers donation - Samaritans carried out a college wide collection drive, urging the students of MDI to donate Newspapers, magazines, books etc. along with clothes in good condition for the children of Rhythm of Life. The campaign aimed at gathering as much paper as we can so that this paper is recycled and used by the NGO for distributing notebooks to its students for studying.

Social internships - Samaritans is in contact with so many NGOs that there are ample opportunities for the students of MDI to work for some good cause and earn at the same time. In the month of March, a short internship was floated with collaboration from Read India.

Live projects - In collaboration with several NGOs, Samaritans provided various live projects to the students of MDI - MITHILAsmita in association with Samaritans floated seven Live Projects for the students of MDI, both first year and second year.

NGO talks - Mr. Rahul Yadav, Founder of Yoddhas visited the campus to deliver a lecture on his journey, his ideas for a good social startup. This was a part of our initiatives to sensitize the students of MDI.

Coaching Camps - As a part of Aarohan 2016, Samaritans conducted the following workshops:

  • Hygiene workshop with mess workers and cleaners
  • Computer workshop was conducted in collaboration with the web committee of MDI Gurgaon for school students.
  • Dance workshop – Sanskriti did a really nice job with students learn basic steps of dance
  • Theatre skills workshop – this consisted of basic acting skills training to the school kids.

  • Coaching Camps
  • Coaching Camps
  • Coaching Camps
  • Coaching Camps
  • Coaching Camps
  • Coaching Camps

NGO visits During Aarohan, we provide MDI students with the opportunity to visit NGOs and raise their social responsibility quotient.

Social Case study competition - This was conducted in collaboration with Watt-A-Village – NGO. This was done to find out the solutions for the problems faced by the NGO.

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International Relations Committee (IRC)

"We are the ones behind the beautiful beaches, the golden sunsets and the soggy mornings... ABROAD. Get the party rolling as we lend flight to your 'VIDESHI' dreams. Seriously though, we do not organize fests or hold events. We are the club, which combines your MBA with the International Exposure and the much-needed EuroTrip on a scholarship. But, for those who choose to stay 'Dil se Desi', we bring the world to Amchi Local MDI. Beat that!!!!"

IRC – The International Relations Committee, a student run body, coordinates student exchange programmes with partner universities abroad. Student exchange programmes provide a unique opportunity for the students to enrich their international academic experience and widen their career horizons. It also provides them with an opportunity to work on international consulting projects, cultural exchange and combined trips. Amongst Indian Schools, MDI is a leader in establishing international relationships and boasts of having established the most comprehensive student exchange program. IRC's aim is to utilize it for the benefit of the student community in the best manner possible.

Each Year our institute hosts exchange students from various countries like Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Pakistan and Poland. Apart from them, we also host MEB (Master in European Business) students from ESCP-EAP studying with PGPIM students from who in turn spend half of their course at ESCP-EAP campuses in Europe.

Not only does an exchange program add value academically but experiencing a different culture leaves the student with invaluable learning. Incoming exchange students bring with them certain elements from their culture and in return take away from MDI a glimpse of the diverse Indian culture. The committee also runs a "Buddy program" wherein the Buddies help the foreign students settle down at MDI and act as contact points for any problems/clarifications. While we host international exchange students, around one fourth of PGPM/PGPHR students also visiting out partner schools across the globe.

While students at MDI have some of the best Institutes worldwide to choose from, IRC constantly looks for potential partner schools and works to build a relationship with the schools such that it strengthen our international exchange program portfolio. Recently MDI added Grenoble Ecole De Management, France an institute known for Technology management as one of our partner schools.

Merchandising and Retailing Team (M.A.R.T.)

Merchandising And Retailing Team (M.A.R.T.) is a student run retail store that caters to the daily necessities of the students on campus.

Vision: To be the source of convenience and a one stop shop for on campus residents for their daily necessities, provided at a place closer to them.

Every day, for one hour (2300 hrs - 0000 hrs), Mandevians descend to MART store for their daily supplies ranging from stationary, personal care products to food & beverages. MART also provides exclusive MDI Merchandize during MDI's Annual National Alumni Meet, Convocation and during the Induction week of the new batch. Merchandize includes mugs, pens, Tshirts, Hoodies, card holders among other things, all designed in-house by the MARTians.

MART also provides for white goods such as Coolers, and essentials such as mattress, blankets, buckets, etc.for the incoming batch to ensure a hassle free initial days on campus.

MART also fulfills its duty towards the society by engaging with Samaritans – the social initiative club of MDI, by sharing some of the profit for the welfare of the underprivileged.

MART has become one of the most sought after clubs in MDI as it provides the MARTians real time experience of running a business in the form of a retail store, and applying classroom knowledge in sales & marketing, communications, book keeping, inventory management, vendor management and procurement.


Vagmi, the Literary Society of MDI Gurgaon, is a close-knit SIG consisting of keen, imaginative students who promote literary and related activities on campus. Though fairly small in terms of numerical strength, Vagmi has done a wonderful job in bringing literature and the creative arts into greater prominence. Students who love reading, are budding writers or simply enjoy word-play will find a warm, welcoming atmosphere in this group.

Vagmi has four primary verticals. The Quotes department is responsible for the daily updates on the Quotes board – a large whiteboard on the Gurukul ground floor that features a thought-provoking, moving or quirky quote by some personality everyday. The Newspapers department performs one of the key functions – ensuring that newspapers are delivered each day to the students’ hostel rooms. The Creativity department is responsible for maintaining Vagmi’s Facebook page and carrying out the design work for posters, Vagmi merchandise and the like. The Events department plans events of various kinds for the academic year. The roles are flexible, however, and everyone pitches in whenever work needs to be done.

The year 2015-2016 witnessed a number of popular Vagmi activities, including Pictionary nights, Shayari nights (where people recited poetry in all languages) and Mind Walks, which were informal walks around campus featuring earnest discussion on some pre-determined topic. Vagmi was also involved in the organisation of some prominent panel discussions and quizzes on campus, in collaboration with the Student Council of MDI. At Imperium, one of the major annual events, Vagmi hosted a literature quiz that challenged the students to test their knowledge of books, authors and writing styles both classic and contemporary. Another well-received event was the Taboo night, where a popular game provided much-needed relaxation to MDI students in the midst of their hectic schedules.

It was a successful and enjoyable year for MDI, with the admission of an enthusiastic set of first-years and active participation from both batches in all events.


Ever wondered Where, What, When, Why, Where or How about anything? We at W5H – MDI’s Quiz Club sure have, as have you, we’ll bet! Over the past year, we’ve partnered with AvinashMudaliar, one of India’s renowned Quizmasters, to take quizzing mainstream with the Haryana Quizzers Forum. Representing MDI, we won quizzes at IIFT, NSIT, FMS, reached the quarterfinals of NDTV's national Tech Grandmasters quiz, were in the finals of every open business quiz in NCR and just missed out on the buzzer at Tata Crucible.With mini quizzes on fun topics like “Ads” and “Comics” to the more ‘normal’ Business quizzes, W5H aims to entertain ManDevIans and spread the joys of being curious and learning something new.