Student Committees

Alumni Committee

Alumni The MDI Alumni Committee comprising of representatives of batches of the PGPM, NMP, Part-time PGPM, EMP, PPM and the FPM Courses, undertakes the responsibility of initiating, maintaining and renewing communication with the MDI alumnus.

One of the critical elements of business relations is networking. As MDI charts its upward climb rapidly, a strong and healthy relationship with the alumni and the industry helps in providing newer avenues for growth across various sectors for the students.

Corporate Communications Committee

The Corporate Communications Cell performs its pivotal role of connecting the MDI community with multiple stakeholders through several media relation activities. It accomplishes this through its regular corporate newsletters, annual yearbooks and by being the custodian of the institute’s online presence across various platforms. It also addresses the needs of internal communication by reporting events, happenings and achievements to the administration, faculty and student community.

Placement Committee

At MDI, Placements is a student run activity that is actively guided and supported by the Chairman Placements and the Faculty Council. The student co-ordinators are responsible for developing and nurturing relationships with corporations for both recruitment and non-recruitment related activities. These include actively engaging companies on a regular basis, handling operations during the Placement week and acting as a conduit for Organizations and Industry Leaders to interact with students through Business Talks and Live Corporate Projects.

Student Council

Reputation of every great institution is mainly built by its Students and the work they do both while in the Institution and then when they enter the Corporate world.

This thought is also the guiding mantra of the Students Council of MDI.

The mission of the Students Council is to nurture and enhance the reputation of the Institute within the Student fraternity, corporate world and the Society in general. It also aims at ensuring the well being of the ManDevIans i.e. PGPM/PGPHR/PGIM students during their stay at the institute and then later as an alumni member helps them stay connected with the Institute.

Students Council is a democratic body with all its representatives being elected by the students themselves. It is headed by the General Secretary (better known as "G-Sec") who acts as a link between the Student community and the administration. PG and PGHR Course Representatives (better known as "PG-Rep" & "PGHR-Rep") help the administration with the Academic affairs. Treasurer ensures proper financial management of the Student Body corpus so that various student run activities can be conducted smoothly.

General Secretary along with the PG-Rep, PGHR-Rep and treasurer form the administrative core of the Council.

Secretaries of the Academic Clubs (Monetrix, MarQuity, Opsession, Strategist, ThinC and HR Direction), Events (Illumina, Imperium, and Delphique), Web Committee, Sanskriti, Hostel n Mess, Sports are the executive members of the Students Council.

Secretaries of the various clubs (better known as "secys") with the help of their team members take care of organizing all Student run activities on Campus. Council Members and the Club teams together strive hard to ensure that ManDevIans get an enriching and memorable experience during their stay at MDI!