MDI Gurgaon-Director's Message

Director's Message

Dr. Himadri Das MDI Gurgaon welcomes all of our valued stakeholders which include corporate partners, alumni, prospective students, working executives, the academic community, and international business schools, to actively engage with us. We would be delighted to work with all of you to create tremendous value together.

MDI Gurgaon has been ranked among the top business schools in India and was the first to get the globally reputed AMBA accreditation in the country. It runs a variety of post graduate management programs including a doctoral program. MDI Gurgaon’s faculty have built a name for themselves in top quality teaching, excellent corporate training, extremely relevant research, and high impact consulting. We are located in the heart of the central business district of the National Capital Region of Delhi, giving us a huge advantage resulting from the ecosystem we are an integral part of. We are not only in the midst of a large number of national and international corporations but also in one of the most vibrant start-up hubs of the country.

We actively engage with our corporate partners for providing custom training to their executives, and doing relevant consulting. Many of our faculty serve on boards as independent directors and are part of advisory councils. In addition, we provide our corporate partners with an extremely competent talent pipeline for recruiting our graduating students. Our students are highly sought after by the top companies in the country and internationally.

MDI Gurgaon graduated its first set of post graduate management students in 1989. Our alumni have done extremely well for themselves and have risen to apex positions in reputed and globally acclaimed organizations. Many of them have become highly successful entrepreneurs and created wealth not just for themselves but for others as well. We are extremely proud of our alumni, they are our brand ambassadors, and they are the ones who give credibility to our claims of being an institution of excellence.

We attract the brightest students in the country in our post graduate management programs including our doctoral program. They come to us for the quality of the faculty and the recruitment and entrepreneurial opportunities after they graduate. Our academic rigor and intense industry engagement throughout the program, transform our students into excellent managers and future leaders making them highly valued for both big companies as well as start-ups. Our very active centre of entrepreneurship on campus provides full support and a vibrant culture for students to create campus start-ups that can be nurtured and grown after they graduate with our continued support.

In today’s world continuing education for upgrading of skills is important for all corporate executives. With disruptions driven by fast paced technological advancements, business models are undergoing constant change for companies to stay competitive and this necessitates continuous learning by executives to stay relevant and add value. MDI Gurgaon admirably meets these needs through short- term training programs as well as long term part-time post graduate management programs. Our faculty, through their cutting edge research projects and industry consulting assignments, are always abreast of the latest happenings and are well equipped to train the working executives on contemporary business requirements. Our wonderful residential training facilities make it possible for executives from all over the country to come for our short term training programs.

With a very strong academic culture of excellence among our own faculty we welcome collaborations with like minded members of the academic community worldwide. We would be delighted to embark on joint research projects with them and, if they are so inclined, be more than happy to have them come on board full- time as a member of our faculty team. We are always ready to add top quality faculty to our team, specially those with a strong research agenda.

In this globalized networked economy, building alliances with reputed international business schools is an imperative. MDI Gurgaon has associated with business schools all over the world for a variety of engagements that include student exchange, faculty exchange, joint research, dual degrees, executive education study tours, etc. We are constantly seeking to associate with a larger number of reputed business schools across all parts of the world to further strengthen our international network.

On behalf of MDI Gurgaon, I would like to extend a very warm invitation to all of our stakeholders to engage with us and derive mutual value and benefit. We look forward to associating with you.

Dr. Himadri Das
Director, MDI Gurgaon