Shiv S Tripathi

Assistant Professor, Strategic Management
Coordinator - Placements NMP

Email :
Phone : +91-124-4560578

Prof. Tripathi is a PhD from Vinod Gupta School of Management, IIT Kharagpur. He has close to 16 years of corporate and academic experience in organisations like Exide, ICFAI & Century Plyboards. His core area of teaching research and consulting is innovation and growth through innovation and entrepreneurship. His objective of research is to bridge the gap between industry and academia. He has written several cases that are published with the Case Centre, Richard Ivey School of Business, and in various case books. His cases range from airline, steel, water, board governance and internationalization, development to entertainment and sports industry and are available at the Case Centre and Richard Ivey School of Business.  His research has appeared in international journals on innovation like Technology Innovation Management Review. He has written a book titled International Business: Theory and Practice published by Sage Publications. He has published 6 papers in International Journals (ABDC & Web of Science); 6 in national journals; 7 cases (including Ivey, Case Centre & International Books); 5 book chapters (including Springer) and presented a paper in 15 plus conferences. He has been a consultant to Department of Urban Local Bodies, Government of Haryana; Utility Powertech Limited (A JV between Reliance Infrastructure & NTPC Ltd.); various other multinational companies. He has trained the executies of more than 25 organisations, 13 of which were in the capacity of Program Director. He is an active member of International Society for Professional Innovation Management (ISPIM); Strategic Management Society(SMS); Academy of International Business (AIB) & Academy of Management (AOM). He is a professional Wildlife Photographer, an aero-numismatist and loves to travel. 




Innovation Strategy

International Business

Emerging Markets Strategy

Strategic Management - I



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Book Reviews, Magazine articles

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Membership of Professional Organisations

  • Strategic Management Society (SMS)
  • Academy of Management (AOM)
  • International Society for Professional Innovation Management (ISPIM)
  • Academy of International Business (AIB)

Guidance of PhD (FPM/EFPM)

  • Mita Brahma (Awarded in 2019)

Some of the organisations for whom Dr. Tripathi has conducted on-campus/in-company training programs or acted a a resource person, or completed market research assigments include:


Allahabad Bank

Bharat Electronics Limited

BM Birla Heart Research Centre

Border Security Force

Calcutta Electricity Supply Corporation (CESC)

Calcutta Medical Research Institute

Central Reserve Police Force

Directorate General Resettlement, Ministry of Defence 

Exide Industries Limited

Hindustan Copper Limited

Indian Oil Corporation Limited

Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI)

Institution of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineers (IETE)

Life Insurance Corporation of India

National Academy of Indian Railways

Sri Aurobindo Institute of Culture



  • (2020) Evaluation of National Water Mission Scheme of Ministry of Jal Shakti
  • (2020) Evaluation of Human Resource Development and Capacity Building Scheme of Ministry of Jal Shakti
  • (2020) Evaluation of River Basin Management Scheme of Ministry of Jal Shakti
  • (2020) Evaluation of Infrastructure Development Scheme of Minsitry of Jal Shakti
  • (2018-20) Development of Coffee Table books on 50 cities of Haryana for Department of Urban Local Bodies, Government of Haryana.
  • (2017) Development of a 5 years Strategic Plan for Utility Powertech Limited (UPL), a Joint Venture between Reliance Infrastructure & NTPC Ltd.
  • Perception mapping for a major Super-specialty and Multi-specialty hospital in Kolkata.
  • Market research project titled “A Study of the Perceptions and Attitudes of people about a Retirement Village”.
  • Competitive Intelligence project titled “A Survey of Invertor, Battery Market in India”.
  • Project titled “Steel Market analysis of Sub-Saharan African countries”.