Sangeeta Shah Bharadwaj

Professor, Information Management
Chairperson - Digital Infrastructure

Email :
Phone : +91-124-4560308

Dr Sangeeta has M.Sc (Hons) Mathematics and Master of Management Studies from Birla Institute of Technology and Science¸ Pilani. She also has M.E. (Systems and Information) and Ph.D.(Management) from BITS¸ Pilani. Dr Sangeeta started her career at BITS ¸ Pilani and was Group Leader¸ Management Group¸ BITS¸ Pilani. Dr Sangeeta has rich industry experience. She has worked as software engineer in a finance and insurance sector company. She has successfully run an entrepreneurial venture for four years. Dr Sangeeta has more than 25 years of teaching¸ research and Industry experience. She has held positions of Area Chairperson¸ Information Management Area¸ Web-in-charge¸ Chairperson Alumni and Chairperson Admissions, Dean Executive Management Program ,Chairperson Digital Infrastructure

Her teaching interest are Management of IT Projects¸ HR Analytics, Machine Learning (Predictive algorithms)¸ Excel Analytics, IT Consulting Management, Government Process Re-engineering and Management, HRIS. She has researched extensively in the area of IT Outsourcing, Agility and IT and Service Innovation and Emerging Technologies. She has a book entitled¸ “Business Process Outsourcing: for Strategic Advantage” to her Credit (co-author). She has published in international and national (EJIS¸ BPMJ¸ Vikalpa etc.) journals and is presently guiding doctoral thesis in IT outsourcing , Agility and IT, Service Innovation and Emerging Technologies and Role of Social Media on Performance. She has developed cases which are now available through Harvard¸ Ivey and ACRC (Asia Case Research Center) publishing sites.

Dr Sangeeta has conducted Primavera and MS-Project training for organizations like ONGC¸ NTPC¸ NHPC¸ UNICEF , SRF , BirlaSoft etc. She has conducted training programs for BPO managers in leading BPO companies and has developed a simulation game in the BPO context which challenges participant to explore FTE based costing¸ Log-in-based costing and Transaction based costing¸ take decisions in competitive environment and evaluate and analyze the impact of the same on company’s financial statements. She also takes training in Agile Project Management with focus on estimation and planning, project costing and budgeting¸ project resource planning and risk management¸ project monitoring and control¸ earned value reporting. Training of HR, Marketing and Finance Analytics focusses on predictive algorithms supervised and unsupervised.

Prof Sangeeta has successfully implemented Oracle PeopleSoft Finance and Human Capital Management ERP in MDI. 

During her career spanning 25 years in academics, Prof Sangeeta has taught following courses at post graduate level

Management of IT Projects/ Agile Project Management

Business Development for IT Organizations

Information Technology Consulting Management

Human Resources Information System

HR, Marketing Analytics

Machine Learning

Business Process Management/ Government Process Re-engineering and Management

IT for Managers

Management of Outsourced IT Projects

Business Agility and IT Services

She has also engaged following courses at graduate level

Management Information System

Database Management Systems

Programming Languages

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