Rupamanjari Sinha Ray

Assistant Professor, Economics
Coordinator - Alumni

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Phone : +91-124-4560801

She had  joined MDI on 2nd  April, 2008. She was a UGC sponsored JRF-NET Research Fellow of Jadavpur University. She has almost 10  years of PG management teaching experience. She had started teaching in Management schools from 2006 in Asia Pacific Institute of Management and NIILM Centre for Management Studies before joining MDI Gurgaon.  She has worked with two Faculty colleagues at MDI on two research projects – one on CSR sponsored by AICTE; and the other on Common Service Centres, sponsored by Idea Centre for Telecom Excellence, IIM Ahmedabad. She has co-authored a book on CSR, and published research papers in the field of International Trade and environment, CSR and Environmental responsibilities of firms, SEZs, common services centres  in reputed and refereed national and international journals. She also has authored and co-authored one chapter each in two books published by international publication houses. Currently  she is conducting another research project on Sustainable development practices of medium enterprises. She does training on CSR and in-company general management modules for executives from organizations like Indian Oil, BEL, IRS officers, Oriental Bank of Commerce, She does  consultancy in CSR, environmental management and sustainable development and sectoral policies. She was involved in a third party evaluation of CSR consultancy project of a public sector firm. Her areas of interests in teaching and research are Microeconomics, Macroeconomic Environment and policies, Environmental Economics, International Trade, Sustainable development, policy issues in Rural development and CSR.


NET-UGC –JRF Fellowship


Life Member of Indian Economic Association.

Almost 10 years of teaching experience in PG Management level

1. Microeconomics in PGPM, PGIM and NMP

2. Macroeconomics in PtPGPM


4. EEP2 in PGPM

5. Environmental Management and Green Accounting in Energy Management, PtPGPM and FPM


Involvement in Research Projects:

Co-investigator of AICTE Project on “CSR practices in India” (Principal Investigator Prof. CV Baxi of MDI) from 2008-2010 and successfully completed

Co-investigator of the Project “Impact of USO Policy for Tower Creation” mainly a study on Common Service Centres (CSCs) in two states UP and Meghalaya from October 2009 to July 2010 and successfully completed

Research Associate in Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research from 22nd February to 15th July, 2005 – NIRD Project on Rural Urban Disparities

Principal Investigator of the ongoing MDI Seedfund project “A study of sustainable development practices of medium enterprises, expected to complete it by September 2016.

Guidance of PhD students at MDI

Chairperson of the Thesis Committee of Shallini Saggar, FPM student of 2008, Topic: Measuring corporate Social and Financial Performance- Stakeholder Approach,

Member of the Thesis Committee of Seema Sahai, FPM student of 2009, Topic: Determinants of Growth among Microfinance Borrowers: An Empirical Study of Micro Enterprises Financed by MFIs in India, cleared proposal defence


Chatterjee, Biswajit  and Sinha Ray, R. “WTO, Indian Economy and Environment - Some Implications” published in  “WTO and Indian Economy”, the book edited by G.K.Chadda in the year 2001

Chatterjee, Biswajit  and Sinha Ray, R , “Gains from Trade in presence of environmental externality – A note”, Arthabikshan (Journal of Bengal Economic Association), Vol 16 (1), June 2007

Chatterjee, Biswajit  and Sinha Ray, R , “Impact of Environmental Standards on World Capital Market in a Two-period global equilibrium framework”, The Indian Economic Journal, Vol 54 (4), Jan-March, 2007

Sinha Ray, R Trade and Environment – Issues and Policies: A Survey of Literature”, Indian Economic Journal, Vol 56(4), Jan-March, 2009

Baxi, C.V. and Sinha Ray, R.,  “Corporate Social and Environmental Disclosures & Reporting”,  Indian Journal of Industrial Relations, Vol 44(3),  January, 2009

Chatterjee, Biswajit  and Sinha Ray, R , “Trade versus Environmental Quality in an Overlapping Generation Framework - A Developing Country Perspective”, Journal of Quantitative Economics, New Series, Vol 7(1), January 2009

Prasad, Rohit and Sinha Ray, R.,, “Special Economic Zones in India: Following Well-Trodden Paths”, Indian Journal of Economics & Business, Vol 9(3), September 2010.

Prasad, Rohit and Sinha Ray, R., “Critique of the Common Service Centre Scheme”, Economic and Political Weekly, Vol XLVII (6), February 11, 2012, pp 18-23

Baxi, C.V. and Sinha Ray, R., “ CSR - A Study of CSR Practices in Indian Industry” Vikas Publications, 2012

Sinha Ray, R., “Accumulation of Capital for Pollution Abatement and Immiserizing Growth—A Theoretical Result for Developing Economies” in the book entitled “Analytical Issues in Trade, Development and Finance” Ed by Karmakar, A. and Ghosh A., Springer, 2014

Sinha Ray, R and Prasad, Rohit,  “Telecentres go where mobile phones fear to tread: Evidence from India”, Review of Market Integration, Vol 6(1), 2014, Sage

Prasad, Rohit and Sinha Ray, R.,,  “The relation of traffic balance and network size: a case from the Indian mobile industry” in Netnomics, Vol 16(3), 2015, Springer


Conference & Workshops:

The article “WTO, Indian Economy, and environment-Some Implications”, was presented by Prof. Biswajit Chatterjee in the 83rd Conference of Indian Economic Association, held at Jammu University in December 2000

The same article was presented at PhD Scholars’ Workshops held at Jadavpur  University in October , 2000

The paper captioned “Trade in presence of Environment – Some Results  Revisited” presented at Jadavpur University’s PhD Workshop held in  October 2001

The revised version above paper was presented at 39th TIES Conference of Indian Econometric Society held at Baroda in February 2003

The paper captioned “Environment Growth and International Trade in OLG Open Economy” presented at 40th TIES Conference of Indian Econometric Society held at Bangalore in February 2004

Attended the International Conference on ‘Linking India to the World Economy’ organized jointly by ICRIER and World Bank in November, 2006

Attended the 2nd K.B.Lal. Memorial Lecture by D.H.Lawrence on ‘Global Warming and Global Investment’ organized by ICRIER in April, 2007

The paper  captioned “ Impact of Environmental Standards on World Capital Market in a Two-period global equilibrium framework” presented  in the Conference of ‘Green Business’ at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida in April, 2007.

The paper entitled “Outsourcing Development: A Case for CSCs” presented in International Conference On Challenges To Inclusive Growth In The Emerging Economies from 15th-17th December, 2010, IIMA

Attended a Seminar organized by India Development Foundation (IDF), Law and Economics, on three research papers dealing with the issue of Competition Policy.

FDP organized by Harvard Business Publishing on “Participatory learning” based on Case Teaching Method sponsored by MDI, March 2012

Was part of the organizing committee for the conference Global Conference on Managing in Recovering Markets (GCMRM), March 2015 held at MDI Gurgaon, India.

As Programme Director in general management

1. BEL E2-E3 &E4

2. IOCL Cutting edge and Threshold

3. IRS Training

As Teaching Faculty for Indian and Global economic policies

1. BEL E2-E3 &E4

2. IOCL Cutting edge and Threshold

3. IRS Training

4. Oriental Bank of Commerce

5. Bank of Baroda

6. DST scientist

7. Railways

8. Armed Force

Open MDP

1. Implementing CSR and sustainability framework

Project Coordinator of the “Third Party Mid-term Assessment of CSR projects for the FY 2011-12” of Hindustan Copper Limited.

Interconnect pricing of tower sharing in mobile services for Vodafone in 2010