Narain Gupta

Associate Professor, Operations Management
Chairperson - Accreditations

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Phone : +91-124-4560315

Prof. (Dr.) Narain Gupta is a distinguished faculty of Operations Management area at Management Development Institute, Gurgaon since August 2012. He received his Doctoral Degree FPM (Fellow Programme in Management) from Department of Production and Quantitative Methods of Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, India in year March 2008. He obtained Master of Technology from Department of Industrial Engineering and Management of Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India in year 2003. He completed engineering from Department of Mining Engineering of CTAE, Udaipur, India.

He has been a Gold Medalist throughout his education. He accredited multiple meritorious awards for the First Rank in Engineering in the State of Rajasthan. He has a US Copyright for an Optimization based Decision Support System. His company Global eProcure obtained a US Patent on his name for one algorithm developed by him for Auto-Classification of Spend-Data Visibility.

He has five years of rich corporate experience of people management, driving multiple initiatives towards studying and improving process efficiency. He started his corporate career as a senior consultant from a procurement consulting company headquartered in USA. He worked on multiple international consulting assignments for Kelloggs, Starwood Hotels, etc in the area of Strategic Sourcing and Spend Analytics. Later, he joined A P Moller Maersk, the largest logistics and shipping company in the world, headquartered at Denmark. He joined the procurement offshore centre of Maersk Procurement as a Senior Business Analyst. Basis his innovative ideas on managing the offshore centre and procurement services he gained three promotions in a duration of 2 years.

During his stint at Maersk, he led multiple initiatives to improve the existing processes to enhance customer satisfaction. He guided an employee on a GREEN BELT project to accomplish significant reduction in turnaround time to stakeholders, and improving the customer satisfaction score. He was heading six different teams with 20 analysts in Procurement Analytics including Market Research, Spend Management, Presentations, Computer Systems, Contracts, and Data Analytics.

He has travelled to multiple counties including USA, Denmark, China, UAE, Singapore, etc. for teaching, training, consulting, and conference presentations.

He has taught at Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad; IIMM, Pune; and MDI Gurgaon. He has taught courses on Operations Research and Quantitative Methods, Operations Management, Six Sigma Quality Control, etc. He teaches Business Statistics, Decision Sciences, and Services Operations Management at MDI Gurgaon.

He has published in national and international journals, and presented his research in international conferences. His research expertise are Strategic Integrated Supply Chain Planning, Decision Support System, Mathematical Modeling, Process Optimization, Procurement Analytics, Strategic Sourcing, etc. His extended research interests are Revenue Optimization, Project Management, Services Operations Management, Etc.



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He has conducted training programmes for IOCL, and DRDO organizations on general management. He has been imparting training sessions to different organizations including IOCL, DRDO, BEL, etc. The training offered by him includes Competitive Benchmarking, Problem Solving Tools and Techniques, Supply Chain Management, Process Optimization, Operations Management and Inventory Control.