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Outgoing Exchange Programe

Outgoing Exchange Programe

MDI Gurgaon having reputed University/Institute worldwide as its partners for various activities. Partnering institutions have been selected on the basis of synergies in respective programmes. The students who want to go abroad can leverage the strengths of the different institutions to draw up an academic content, in consonance with their career goals.

The purpose of sending students for exchange program for global academic exposure and understanding the work culture which helps them in their placement and career to deal easily with international clients.


Students can apply to only those institutes where MDI having partnership and offer the students exchange program, not all partners offer it, and so needs to check with International office and confirm an agreement of student exchange activities must be signed.

To be eligible for the students exchange students must have cleared his/her previous term courses.

She/he should be physically fit to study abroad.

Must follow the academic and disciplinary rules and regulations of the host/home university

Able to manage his/her financial resources and living costs abroad and must be able to manage, insurances, textbooks, student fees and other cost

There should not be any disciplinary case pending against the student

Application Process

Communication is circulated to all students along with guidelines. IRO office invites applications, students being asked to submit application with statement of purpose on before mentioned timeline in communication.

Selection Process

After receiving the completed applications form students invited to appear in front of the panel of faculty members for interview and justify their purpose of statement.

Students are assessed based on their academic interest, subject knowledge, global awareness, foreign language knowledge and a merit list is prepared including their CGPA in previous term.

Seat Allocation Process

Allocation of seats is based on merit and first come first select the partner and submit their refundable commitment fee. Student can opt out from the process before allocation of seat, however, if any student withdraws his/her candidature for any reason whatsoever, the commitment fee will be forfeited.

As per the guidelines the commitment fee deposited by students is refundable in case of successful completion of study abroad.

IR office have right to withdraw seat of partners, change the location after completion of the process

Nomination and Registration

IR office and students in coordination with partner University need to complete the Nomination and Registration process

Nomination Timeline

Fall term 2021: 30 Jan

Registration Timeline

Fall term 2021: 30 May

Course Credit Requirement

The conversion of the credits will be done on the basis of class hours. For example, at MDI three credits is equivalent to 30 class contact hours and 70 hours of work outside the class (three credits is equivalent to 100 hours). Therefore, you must have the requisite class contact hours abroad for us to convert the credits awarded by foreign institution to an equivalent credit at MDI. The workload at MDI and abroad should be similar. Conversion of grades usually follows the ECTS system, but MDI decision in this regard is final.

Reporting and Extension of stay during Exchange

Student must inform the IR office and have prior approval from Head-IR for any extension of stay in host University and after returning student must report within 2days to concern academic department for their next term. The Chairperson, International Relations in consultation with the Programme Chairperson and Dean-GP may waive the attendance requirement of MDI students on exchange and permit late joining in Term VI at MDI. A maximum of 4–5 classes or up to 2 weeks absence (whichever is less) will be considered for waiver. Any case above and beyond this limit may be considered for waiver under extra-ordinary circumstances by the Chair-IR with due consultation of the Chair of respective programmes/Dean (GP).

Expense during Exchange

1. The host institution will attempt to secure housing for students who desire such accommodations but in no event is either institution obligated to provide housing for any exchange student. As is customary, both institutions will assist the exchange students in this regard to the fullest extent possible. No refund of lodging charges is granted to the students

2. Selected exchange students will pay all customary tuition and registration fees to their home institution while participating in the exchange programme.

3. Exchange students are fully responsible for all other expenses (except host institution academic fees) during their studies at the host institution including books and other necessary course material fees, housing, meals, transportation, and personal and medical expenses. However, the students who have visited abroad under exchange programme will be eligible to claim, on production of bills, expenses borne towards books/study material up to Rs. 500/– per course, subject to maximum of Rs. 2,500/–. Neither institution will be responsible for expenses incurred by spouses and families of visiting students.

4. Participating exchange students will be required to carry adequate health insurance and to provide proof to the host institution that their insurance will cover the costs of health care during the period of exchange prior to starting classes. In the event that students are unable to provide such proof, they will be required to pay for health insurance available at the host

Institution since no host institution is able to provide health care without such coverage.

5. Each exchange student shall be responsible for obtaining a visa and related travel documents necessary to pursue studies at the host institution before departing from their home countries. The proof for VISA applied for has to be shown to IR Office before 31 st July’ of the year. Both institutions will assist as necessary in satisfying host site visa requirements and other necessary formalities for the visiting students. Visa fee and any other expense related to travel has to be borne by the students.

6. In the event an exchange student withdraws for any reason from the programme of study prior to completion of the same at a host institution, the withdrawal and refund policies of the student’s home institution shall apply.

7. No monetary considerations will be exchanged between the home and the host institutions.

Prof Shailendra K Rai
Prof Shailendra K Rai
Chairperson -International Relations