Student Story

Student Story

come lepers
Côme Lepers

Coming from France, it is the first time I live in India. I was really curious about knowing more about India and its population.I m a very active and curious person. I loved trying the Indian food which seems to be very typical. I have to admit I don't know anything about Hindi but I learned few sentences and songs. The journey I want to reflect on is what I can proudly call my Indian experience. An experience I lived inside and outside of the walls of a loving institute called Management Development Institute in Gurgaon, India. More than an institute, it became a family as these walls gathered 18 international students coming from all around the world, to spend together 3 months studying, travelling, xploring, and discovering themselves and others am now almost at the end of my exchange, I can definitely say that this experience was more than great for me. The International Relations Office manager was the greatest help as it helped us get included in most campus activities, join our chosen courses, and get included with the MDI family to truly feel that we became members of it.

EDHEC Business School

Term Sept – Dec 2018
Maroua Benjillali

Come all the way from Morocco. She is majoring in finance at Groupe ISCAE. She is passionate about exploring new cultures and places. She has always wanted to visit India to discover its diversity and homogeneity. she liked the most about this culture are the dancing, the colours and the good ambience. It’s her first time travelling abroad and it was adventures!

she wants to get lost in its hugeness of India and had the opportunity to discover more of the Indian cultures through the amazing trips and travels we have made. From Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Udaipur, Pushkar, Rishikesh, Kassol, Manali, Chennai and other beautiful cities and places, we got the opportunity to see and witness many different regions in India and how people can be different from a region to another. This is how my love for India and its culture truly grew. I have seen India in all its faces and I truly can never forget my love to it. Many people said I did become an Indian. I guess I agree, since I turned from a Moroccan girl, to an Indian one who shouts to get autos, who take bus rides without even speaking hindi, and who have great adventures. Sadly, I didn’t get to visit many places I wanted, since it is a huge country, but I know for sure that I would be back again to visit more places, and meet all my friends.


Term Sept – Dec 2018
Daniel Beckmann

My name is Daniel, I am from Stuttgart in southern Germany .I currently study International Business in Copenhagen at the business school there. I travel a lot, was very often in South American countries when I was younger, as my uncle lives in Brazil. One of my best friends in Germany has actually Indian parents and they run an Indian restaurant, so I am into Indian food a lot and really looking forward to eating it in India directly.

I like the typical stuff: naan bread, everything chicken-related and mango lassi of course. I probably first get Delhi to know better a trip to the Taj Mahal. I have to say, that Indian people are very kind and helpful, especially in MDI. The IRO and IRC team did a very good job, and they helped us in everything, like dealing with papers, teachers, money or organizing trips. Good news for incoming students that the school was not so strict for exchange students, so we had a chance to discover the Indian culture and nature which are very colourful and interesting. The biggest value for me, what I gained during these 3 and a half months, that I learnt a lot about life, happiness, peace and people and I would not change this experience for anything in life.

Copenhagen Business School

Term Sept – Dec 2018
Camille Vinel

I come from the South of France and I am currently studying at EDHEC.People say I am enthusiastic and I laugh a lot. I love trying new restaurants with friends and discovering new places. I am fond of food and travelling. I have never been to India, the only experience I have comes from geopolitics class and the movie Slumdog Millionaire. I got chance to visit the hidden places of Delhi and to see the Himalaya. I am eager to try regional specialities andexplroed Indian festive season and marriages and food which is very different than what we can eat in Indian restaurants in France.

I don’t know Hindi, but now learned a lot while leaving india after 3 months. When came the day to apply for an International Exchange, I decided without any hesitation to choose India as my top priority. India is one of the country that have a great distance from France, physically, culturally and politically. I really was at the same time intrigued and attracted by India. I wanted to have my own feelings. And I was part of those who just fell in love with the country by itself, its society and culture as well as its great landscape and history. But what I loved the most was the people: Indian people have that attitude, that open-mindedness and curiosity toward others that you can feel at first glance. They have that communicative smile and joy that make you feel most welcome at any place, any moment, anytime. And India has so much to offer to those who come over here with the right attitude, respectful and curious. I would definitely recommend India as a destination. I am more than happy to have discover that country not through holidays, but through a real cultural exchange that enabled me to merge with the locals, to try to understand how the society is organized, how people interact with each other and understand the culture. MDI is a great institute to develop strong academicals background in an international context, with enough time to visit the country and to interact with locals. Special thanks to the IRC team who made us feel like home even before our arrival, and during all the stay. These guys created a true spirit and enabled us to make great friendship. I have

EDHEC Business School, France

Term Sept – Dec 2018
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Prof Shailendra K Rai
Prof Shailendra K Rai
Chairperson -International Relations