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Post Graduate Programmes

Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM)

MDI's PGDM is designed to nurture students and help them build and enhance their managerial competence. The meticulously structured programme will help students:

  • Understand the social, economic, political, technological and ecological environment of modern society
  • Become effective leaders, who have the potential to transform organizations
  • Hone lateral thinking and inculcate entrepreneurial skill
  • Value integrity, justice and fairness so as to promote and maintain high ethical standards
  • Develop a global mindset so that they are better able to address the challenges of global competition
  • Develop an all round personality that is well integrated with the very best of the Indian values and civilizations across the world.

Post Graduate Diploma in Management - Human Resource Management (PGDM-HRM)

Fierce competition and the need for reverse innovation has created a need for pivotal, strategic, innovator role for HR professionals in business organizations. This programme makes sure they walk the talk of business as much as they get HR knowledge.

PGDM-HRM attempts to groom well-rounded managers with:

  • Global sensitivity and mindset
  • Holistic business perspective
  • Capability to manage uncertainty and complexity
  • Capability to manage diversity, lead change, and create wealth

The programme prepares candidates for HR careers in industry and services. It develops capabilities in all the three domains - knowledge, skill, and attitude. The programme is designed to prepare well-rounded business managers rather than HR managers per se.

Post Graduate Diploma in Management - International Business (PGDM-IB)

The emerging business scenario makes global and inter cultural working an imminent reality. The programme prepares managers and future leaders with a global mindset - managers who can appreciate different cultures, who can build networks across geographies, and live and work across cultures.

In 2006 MDI Gurgaon launched a unique, first of its kind programme in India - the Post Graduate Diploma in Management - International Business (PGDM-IB). This was one of the efforts made by MDI to develop managers with appropriate mind set and ability to work in global markets. The programme was launched in collaboration with European School of Management (ESCP- EUROPE) ranked 2nd in Europe by Financial Times. The unique dual degree programme is delivered partly in India (MDI) and partly in Europe (ESCP- EUROPE campuses). The first phase of the programme is delivered on MDI Campus, at Gurgaon. The second phase of the programme is delivered in Europe at the Paris, Berlin, Madrid & Torino campuses (English Track).

In Europe, students not only get classroom learning opportunity, they also get an opportunity to work there or in India on a paid internship basis. In addition, there is scope to get placement offers in Europe. Living and working in Europe enables students to understand and appreciate other cultures, hone their capabilities to work across cultures and develop global mindsets.

The key objectives of the programme are to groom global leaders with:

  • Competencies to work across cultures
  • Ability to work in unfamiliar markets
  • Strong general management orientation
  • Adequate grounding in various management functions