Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Applications in Marketing

In this course, the participant will learn about Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered applications that can enhance the customer journey and extend the customer lifecycle. S/he will learn how this AI-powered data can enable her/him to analyse consumer habits and maximise their potential to target your marketing to the right people. The participant will also learn methods to utilise supervised and unsupervised Machine Learning (ML) to enhance her/his fraud detection methods. S/he will also hear from leading industry experts in the world of data analytics and marketing. Hence, s/he will have a substantial understanding of the role AI and ML play when it comes to consumer habits, and how one is able to interact and analyse information to increase deep learning potential for her/his business.


The learning objectives of this course are as follows:

  • Get familiar with the concept and general analysis process of supervised ML 
  • Understand the basic theory behind various ML techniques
  • Apply different ML techniques and evaluate their performance


  • AI and Customer Journey
  • Data Handling and Smart Data Analysis
  • General Process of Supervised ML Techniques in a Non-technical Way
  • Sampling and Cross-validation Techniques
  • Use of Customised Software for Consumer Experience
  • AI Case Successes in Services, Retail and Other Industries.

Who can participate

The course is designed for sales and marketing personnel of small, medium and large organisations who have three years and above experience in their job roles.

Registration and Fees

Participants should be nominated by their organisations. The enclosed nomination form should be completed and returned with all the details. The fee of the programme is Rs. 37,500 (rupees thirty-seven thousand five hundred only) per participant which includes a professional fee, all charges for lodging and boarding, and supply of course materials. GST as applicable will be charged extra in addition to the programme fee. Payment should be made by cheque/NEFT/RTGS.