Digital Marketing

Marketing all over the world is getting dependent on digital technology for reaching market segments, conducting market research and for managing content, no matter what industry it is. Various online platforms are being used to reach out, communicate and educate potential customers. Now in this digital era, marketing activities like advertising, promotion, branding, creating utility, value proposition, etc. can be done over the internet using digital devices like laptops, palmtops, tablets, etc. The more specific objective of marketing online is to bring targeted traffic to website, generate potential business leads and increase brand awareness by using various online platforms like search engines, social media, email marketing, online display advertising, mobile marketing, and content marketing.


Upon completion of the programme, participants will understand and appreciate all the useful insights about digital marketing. They will learn as to how new digital tools are enabling customers to take a more active role in developing and branding the products they consume. 

Specifically, by the end of the programme, the participants will:
Enhance their knowledge about marketing in digital world.

  • Gain an understanding of the basic dimensions of digital marketing and digital marketing strategies.
  • Understand the importance of consumers’ perceptions/mindset in online marketing management.
  • Gain insight into the interface of positioning and branding in digital world.
  • Understand the management of digital tools and shifting balance of power from firms to consumers.


I. Digital Marketing 

  • Digital marketing vs traditional marketing
  • Digital marketing process
  • The 4Cs framework and digital consumer engagement
  • Mobile digital marketing 
  • Role and impact of digital assistants/VAs

II. Marketing on Social Media Platforms 

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram

III. Dynamics of Social Media Marketing 

  • Designing a social media campaign 
  • Measuring campaign effectiveness
  • Referral programmes and role of consumer influence

IV. Content Marketing

  • Content marketing strategy and content marketing techniques
  • Content marketing tools
  • Optimising content and search 

V. Viral Marketing 

  • Virality and its importance 

VI. Search Marketing

  • SEO
  • SEM 
  • SMM

Who can participate

This programme is for executives heading units and departments in various functional areas of private sector, public sector and government organisations. It is for middle- and senior-level management, and freelancers.

Registration and Fees

Participants should be nominated by their organisations. The enclosed nomination form should be completed and returned with all the details. The fee of the programme is Rs. 37,500 (rupees thirty-seven thousand five hundred only) per participant which includes a professional fee, all charges for lodging and boarding, and supply of course materials. GST as applicable will be charged extra in addition to the programme fee. Payment should be made by cheque/NEFT/RTGS.