The Art of Successful Leadership

A successful manager needs knowledge of all factors that he has to manage and all that is beyond, which directly or indirectly impinge on his micro environment. Today, there is an intense need to develop a comprehensive personality capable of blending outer and inner self so as to develop the goals and values of business management. Real time management lies in appreciating the significance of both the cognitive and the operational area in which tasks are undertaken. It is said: “The job of leadership today is not just to make money, it’s to make meaning.”

In the old days, most of the people were content to have a job that simply paid the bills. But today, they crave so much more in their work. They want fulfillment, creative challenge, growth, joy and a sense that they are living for something more than themselves.


The objectives of the MDP are:

  • How to inculcate the passion to love one’s work
  • Personality rehabilitation
  • To comprehend the art of micro and macro managing
  • Understanding spiritual intelligence
  • To understand the contemporary meaning of leadership which is not to make money but to make meaning
  • Understanding of subjective management which leads to proper/improper operational management
  • To make the individual/manager understand holistically to gain the greatest comprehensions within the limitations of an individual’s/manager’s own psychological prowess


  • Effective Communication for Leadership Development
  • Higher Perspective on Personal and Professional Growth
  • The Art of Self-Leadership
  • Spiritual Bases of Business and Management
  • Managerial Efficacy through Communication Strategies
  • Subjective Motivation: A Source of Sustained Growth
  • Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence

Who can participate

The Programme has been designed for organisational teams of executives from the corporate sector (PSEs, private sector, MNCs, financial institutions, banks and Armed Forces).

Registration and Fees

Participants should be nominated by their organisations. The enclosed nomination form should be completed and returned with all the details. The fee of the programme is Rs. 37,500 (rupees thirty-seven thousand five hundred only) per participant which includes a professional fee and all charges for lodging and boarding and supply of course materials. GST as applicable will be charged extra in addition to the programme fee. Payment should be made by cheque/NEFT/RTGS.