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First Seminar

The first seminar organized on 26th June 2021 aimed at re-connecting MDI Gurgaon research fraternity, including esteemed faculty, FPM-EFPM alumni, and current scholars. This series sims provide a platform for sharing expertise and experiences of senior MDI scholars from both the current and alumni batches for the benefit of researchers.

In the inaugural session, Prof. Abinash Panda (MDI Faculty & FPM-EFPM alumni) spoke about his ‘Experience with Research and Publishing’. He spoke about the challenges he faced while pursuing his FPM as a research scholar, mentors who supported him, how reviewer’s comments were received in the pre-email days and the memories of those good old days. He described the pains he undertook to conduct his research, the toil of compilation, and pushing forward towards his goals with determination despite all constraints. He spoke about the book, The Hero’s Journey, which had a great influence on him.

The talk featured valuable insights on how a research scholar should conduct research, what efforts need to be put in for gaining relevant permissions for initiating research work in companies, the skills needed to accomplish research in a timely manner and the multi-taking required to juggle personal and professional commitments. His inputs on preparing research papers to be publish worthy was invaluable. It was indeed an inspiring saga for all researchers and an enriching experience for the 51 participants.

Some of the golden nuggets from his experience sharing included getting the right mentor, synthesizing and conceptualizing regularly, and standing tall or standing apart.

The next seminar in this series will be organized on the last Saturday of this month, i.e. 31st July