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A TEDx event is a local gathering where live TED-like talks and performances are shared with the community. TEDx events are fully planned and coordinated independently, on a community-by-community basis. The content and design of each TEDx event is unique and developed independently, but all of them have features in common.

MDI Gurgaon is proud to announce its association with the chapter and is soon going to organise the first ever TEDx event. Our institute shares a visionary mission of producing “Change Masters and Thought Leaders”. And the club has decided to choose this as the theme for the event which resonates with the very foundation of our institute over the period of years. The date of the event shall be disclosed soon.

Prominent speakers from various disciplines will be invited at the event who have had an accomplished history of being a “Change Master or a Thought Leader”. Videos from the event would be uploaded to the official TEDx YouTube channel and through all the social media handles of the club as well as the institute. This would ensure tremendous reach and branding for our institute.

TEDxMDIGurgaon Date: 28th Feb, 2021

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Vishal Sharma