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An institute is known by the laurels of its alumni and the impact they have on the world around them. Over the years, MDI has developed a strong and influential network of professionals around the globe; many of them in the position of transforming and leading companies, creating and building industries, creating and driving start-ups and entrepreneurial ventures, and serving the nation. They have made an inimitable mark for themselves and their alma mater, and MDI is proud of their achievements and success.

The MDI alumni network has members from all post graduate programs of MDI. With more than 700 members joining the group every year, the alumni network with over 9000 members keeps on growing stronger. Our alumni are based all over India as well as in major cities across the globe. Their contributions have been acknowledged by esteemed organizations and institutions, as they have marched ahead creating value along the way.

To strengthen links and build long lasting relations with the alumni, the Institute has an Alumni Office that is completely devoted to this cause. The office consists of a Students’ Alumni Committee and a Faculty Coordinator, to provide a platform for meaningful interactions, dialogues, and relationship enhancement.

The Alumni Relations Committee or Alcom strives to strengthen every existing thread and weave many new in the pursuit of a close-knit ManDevIan community. This year proved to be significantly more challenging with the onset of the pandemic, but the committee strived hard to engage the institute’s prestigious alumni and bring their years of experience directly to the students.

MDI’s Alumni Committee organizes an Annual National Alumni Meet – ‘NAM’ at MDI campus and also Regional Alumni Meets, ‘RAM’ in different metros in the country. Informal coffee meets known as ‘Guftagu’ are also conducted nationally while international meet-ups called ‘Rendezvous’ take place in cities such as Dubai, London and Paris. Our Alumni contribute to the development of the student community through mentorship, career guidance, mock PIs, and industry visits. This year, owing to the pandemic, virtual guest lectures or ‘Digital Vartalaap’ were organized, wherein our illustrious alumni interacted with the students. The annual e-newsletter, MDI Chronicles, is sent to alumni and it covers major events on campus, and celebrates the successes and distinguished achievements of our alumni in their respective fields. MDI is keen to further strengthen the bond with alumni through reunion meets, group interactions, and by involving alumni in various MDI activities.

Secretary: Upamanyu Shaha


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