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Art is an eclectic form to express one’s personal feelings on an array of medium, with every art form asserting a part of the self. As future leaders, Mandevians would step into roles and positions which would often call for expressing thoughts in a manner that excites, challenges, comforts, and motivates their surroundings. As leaders, it would be crucial to bring the impassioned ones together by forging a sense of community among them.

Asymmetry, a student-led interest group believes that pursuing artistic endeavors helps in advancement and leads to creative exploration of self. The club encourages the entire student community, irrespective of their artistic skills, to utilize the platform to improve self-expression. It has been successful in persuading students to engage with the field of Art by organizing numerous competitions, workshops, and exhibitions. The club believes that shared interests can help the students transcend their horizon of expression by forging a sense of community, driven by their passion towards the field.

Club Activities and Initiatives:

  • Imperium - Events are organized during Imperium every year like Art Exhibitions, Doodling Competitions, Pictionary, Tattoo Making, Online Puzzle/Art Quizzes
  • Art Workshop - The new initiative of conducting digital art workshop for incoming juniors to build their creative acumen needed for presentations of ideas.
  • Art Wall - The most sought-after Project of Asymmetry is to dedicate a Wall in the campus to Art works/ Paintings/ Craft works of Students, Alums & Faculties.

Secretary – Sakshi Samiksha Saurav



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