Student Affairs


Computer Center

MDI has a state of art computing facility consisting of 656 PC nodes / laptop includes 10 IBM Pentium based servers, connected on a high speed Gigabit Ethernet Fiber Optic/UTP based network in a distributed Windows XP and Linux environment. Computer Labs: MDI has 2 nos. Computer Labs equipped with the 130 numbers state of the art computing facilities along with 3 Network LaserJet printers, scanners. 3 nos. projector systems are installed in these computer labs which are being used by students and executives and also conducting the classes for the student & executives.

Class rooms: All the class rooms are equipped with Projection Systems and Computer System with Internet connectivity.

Facilities for MDI members: Desktop/ Laptop, printer is being provided to the entire MDI member with internet/Intranet connectivity. All the MDI members have access to online software package being used for students Grading, Feedback & administrative applications i.e. Leave management system, accounts, admissions & placement.

DATA Center: MDI data center has a 10 IBM Pentium based servers, connected on a high speed Gigabit Ethernet Fiber Optic/UTP based network in a distributed Windows XP, windows 7, windows 8 and Linux environment as per details given below:

  • Firewall: The Campus Network is protected using Cyberoam MTU CR 500i - Appliance based Firewall. Email virus protection is provided through Trend Micro Inter Scan Messaging Suite. The MDI implements a very strict security policy to ensure the highest levels of network health and safety.
  • E-mail system: The e-mail system, which is the most widely, used service on the MDI campus, offers a very user-friendly web based e-mail system allows users to access mails, both from inside the campus and outside.

Internet Connectivity: MDI has 55 Mbps dedicated Internet leased line offers high speed and uninterrupted Internet connectivity from anywhere on the campus, through the campus LAN.

Wi-Fi Facility: To provide flexibility & convenient access to network facilities Wi-Fi Network facilities has been provided at the various locations in campus i.e. Graduate Program Academic Block, Auditorium, Graduate Program Hostel Mess, Boards Room & Conference Room, Takshashila & Lakshay Buildings etc.

Video Conferencing Facility: MDI has an Internet / ISDN based Video Conferencing Facility setup in the Auditorium. The video conferencing facility comprising of Polycom 4 way multiparty 7,800 Presenter and Visual Concert. This facility is used for holding global seminars inviting eminent speakers, placement interviews, and virtual student seminars in various programs especially for International Management students.

Hostel Rooms Facilities: All the Executives hostel are provided Computer System in their room with Internet connectivity. Laser jet printers also being provided in the Executive hostels common room. Network & Internet connectivity is being provided in the students hostels.

Digital Signage’s: Digital Signage’s are installed at various locations which displays the information about MDI activities i.e. corporate movie of MDI, latest information about MDI events etc.