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Delta: The Quant – Derivative Trading Club promotes the knowledge of quant-based trading. While value investing is widely studied and discussed, the idea is to promote the spirit of quant-based trading tools. It is driven by enthusiasm to promote the spirit of trading beyond the classroom learning. It provides a platform for the like-minded people to learn and implement. The club also works towards imparting the necessary skills among the students to empower them. Club aspires to build a fund of its own, it would be one of its kind in the B-School community. This will provide an opportunity for students to work as a trader within the perimeter of B-school even before they end being the one in the industry.


Our vision is to create thought leaders in Quantitative Trading strategies implemented in the derivatives and equity segments. This should enhance learning outcomes for the students at MDI. We want to be recognized in Industry as the best B-School based Quant - derivative trading club.


Our mission is to build the following competencies among the student community at MDI:

  • Knowledge and ability to use state of the art techniques in developing Quantitative trading models
  • Hands on experience in implementing trading strategies in various derivative markets Equity, Currency and Commodity
  • • Capability to build and manage a student-run Quant – Derivative trading fund


  • Attracting companies to the campus that offer roles in areas such as proprietary trading, risk management and quantitative finance
  • Generating awareness about different asset classes beyond equity

POC: Sivaramakrishnan Nadar


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