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IMpulse is the International Business Academic Club of MDI Gurgaon which provides opportunities for students to learn about international business and trade relations through reading materials and compendiums, case study competitions, research activities on international trade, and constant updates on international affairs. The aim is to foster knowledge pertaining to global economic and trade activities. It conducts events throughout the year, prominent of them being ‘Advectius: The Case study competition’ and ‘Debunking Prejudice’. Being an International business club, it also works for the interest of PGPIB students of the college by conducting Alumni meets which provides them a glimpse of the experience they would be getting abroad.

Our values:
  • International exposure
  • Global perspective
  • Inter-cultural awareness
New Initiatives and events of IMPULSE:

1. International Trade - IMpulse, introduced the International Trade vertical with the aim to inculcate an aptitude of Trade within the students of MDI. The club conducted several activities to enhance the presence of the vertical. The core focus of this vertical was to make the students aware about the technical aspects of International Trade that takes place among various nations and its implications. Impulse undertook several initiatives to ensure the success of this vertical. From floating weekly mails through our Sell It Like This initiative to conducting interactive activities like the InterGlobe Quiz, publishing the International Business Compendium with a special focus on the Trade section, the club was extremely determined to ensure that the students of MDI gain an academic perspective on International Trade in a fun and interactive manner.

2. Imperium Events - Consistent with its tradition, IMpulse actively participated in the annual college festival and conducted its flagship event, “Advectius” under the guidance of Prof. Shiv Shankar Tripathi along with “Debunking Prejudice” a debate competition with our esteemed Prof. Abhinash Panda. Advectius is our international business annual case study competition which witnessed a participation of over 200 teams from several prominent B schools across the country. After a fierce competition, the top two teams were being adjudged as the winners who received attractive cash prizes and certificates. Being different from a general case study competition, Advectius tests you on a different set of skills which makes it even more attractive to participate.

3. Live Projects - This year IMpulse emerged as one of the most prominent clubs in MDI in terms of Live Projects. Impulse provided Live Projects to over 10% (46) of the first-year students of MDI Gurgaon. The companies varied across diverse sectors including FinTech, EdTech, Platform based companies etc. Students were also offered several diverse roles like Product Management, Strategy and even managerial opportunities. Impulse was also the only club this year to float internships in Product Management, FinOps and Finance domain for the first-year students.

Secretary – Aditya Kumar

Aditya Kumar

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