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The greatest leaders are those who are able to understand different contexts and work across international boundaries. Impulse is the International Business Academic club of MDI Gurgaon which provides opportunities for students to learn about international business and trade relations through reading materials and compendiums, case study competitions, research activities on International trade, constant updates on international affairs and topical issues. The aim is to foster knowledge pertaining to global economic and trade activities. It conducts events throughout the year, prominent of them being ‘Seal the Deal: Negotiation War’, ‘Advectius: Case study competition’, ‘Mock G8 summit’ and MUN.

Our values:
  • Global mindset
  • International exposure
  • Cultural Diversity
The main events of IMPULSE are:
  • Case Study Competitions- The most renowned of its case study competitions is Advectius launched during IMPERIUM, the national B-School fest of MDI, Gurgaon. The case study competitions revolve around International Business issues.
  • Magazines- The annual magazine features important international articles and critiques by the students themselves. It also features the experiences of faculties in International Universities.
  • Live Projects- IMPULSE is well recognized for the array of live projects it floats throughout the year to help students get a fair chance to apply their theoretical knowledge in the practical realm.
  • Weekly Updates- Off the Beaten Track is a weekly reading material features important facts about different countries important from global perspective.Sell It LikeThis is yet another creative section of the club.
  • The International Mock G8 Summit- The event is designed to be an exercise on diplomacy and bringing together young minds to present their views on critical international issues.
  • Negotiation Wars: Seal the Deal- The event features a bilateral negotiation between two groups. This is one of the sought after events during IMPERIUM.
  • Monthly Quiz- IMPULSE organizes a monthly quiz Globomania on international affairs and latest international summits and conferences.

Secretary – Kanishka Chawla


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