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IMPulse is the International Business Academic Club of MDI Gurgaon which provides opportunities for students to learn about international business and trade relations through reading materials and compendiums, case study competitions, research activities on International trade, constant updates on international affairs. The aim is to foster knowledge pertaining to global economic and trade activities. It conducts events throughout the year, prominent of them being ‘Seal the Deal: Negotiation War’, ‘Advectius: Case study competition’ and ‘Debunking Prejudice’.

Our values:
  • Global mindset
  • International exposure
  • Sensitizing towards Cultural Diversity
The main events of IMPULSE are:

National B-School Case Study Competition- The Flagship event of the club was stretched across 2 weeks, the Finals being held on Campus where the top 5 teams presented their cases to a panel of judges. The case study competition was launched in D2C and saw participation from the reputed institutes of India such as IIFT Delhi, IIT Delhi, IMI Delhi and other colleges of Delhi-NCR region. The winning team received a cash prize worth INR 15,000.

Debunking Prejudice- The first ever event at MDI Gurgaon held during IMPERIUM dealt with participants pitching forth their argument (either FOR or AGAINST) the given topics. With every argument that the participants made, they faced rebut from Professor Abinash Panda and the team had to defend their case. The team that best defended the case won. There were a total of 10 teams majorly from MDI Gurgaon and one from IIM Rohtak. The girl from MDI Gurgaon won the event winning a cash prize of INR 5000.

Seal The Deal- The event featured a bilateral negotiation between two groups. This competition tested the participants’ negotiation powers validating their argument on the said business case against their opponent. The winner was awarded a cash prize worth INR 3000 and the runner up team received INR 2000.

Weekly Updates:
  1. Of The Beaten Track is a weekly reading material features important facts about different countries important from global perspective.
  2. Sell It Like This is yet another creative section of the club which gives glimpse of international advertisement strategies.

Secretary – Saimi Arora

Saimi Arora

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