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“Who, What, Why, When, Where, How…We ask for the love of Quizzing”. This is the motto of Infinite Pounces - the Quizzing Club of MDI. MDI traditionally has had a healthy quizzing culture and Infinite Pounces always looks to sustain and build on that. It brings together a bunch of people who try and inculcate the quizzing culture at MDI by organizing quizzes.

Their ultimate aim is to attract more students towards quizzing and show them how enjoyable it could be. With quizzes on fun topics to the more ‘normal’ Business & General quizzes, the emphasis is on having fun and also helping participants to learn a little bit more about the wonderful world around us.

With quizzes conducted throughout the year on a plethora of topics which are greeted by a healthy footfall of students and 3 major events in Imperium, this club marks its presence strongly in the campus. Its members have participated in national level events like TATA Crucible and also won Inter - college quizzing events in other B-Schools.

A tentative timeline of events:
  • Fresher’s Quiz (July)
  • KOK Sports Quiz (July)
  • India Quiz (August)
  • Biz Quiz (October)
  • Hollywood Quiz (November)
  • Cricket Quiz (November)
  • General Quiz (December)
  • FRIENDS Quiz (January)
  • Bollywood Quiz (January)
  • Comic book Nerd Quiz (February)
  • Game of Thrones Quiz (February)
  • Harry Potter Quiz (March)
  • Pop Culture Quiz (March)
Events during Imperium:
  • General Quiz (November)
  • Sports Quiz (November)
  • MELA Quiz (November)

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