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MILE - MDI'MILE - MDI's Incubation Lab for Entrepreneurship

MILE is the entrepreneurship club of MDI, Gurgaon that strives to create a start-up culture and an promote entrepreneurial mindset at MDI through its events and activities. The club’s long-term goal is to incubate start-ups, provide mentorship to budding entrepreneurs to improve their business models, connect them with Industry leaders and groom their existing skills. MILE promotes industry connection by hosting expert discussions with alums and entrepreneurs.

Some of MILE’s events and activities are:

  • Pitchers (The B-Plan Competition) - Among MILE's trademark events, Pitchers articulate their idea in form of a presentation, and pitch it to the investors and judges, basis which the investors are required to form a portfolio with help of the virtual currency provided. Pitchers on basis of their pitches and investors on basis of the choice of their portfolio are judged at the end.
  • MILE’s Newsletter - MILE’s new initiative, will include knowledge bits on the currently trending entrepreneurial topics and the insights of the MDI alums as MILE intends to bring out the experience and key learnings of their painstaking and crucial entrepreneurial journey.
  • Chai Pe Charcha - An informal fortnightly meet, where the members of MILE are split into pairs, each pair is supposed to research about an emerging trend/sector, prepare a presentation/write-up and discuss the same in front of a voluntary audience.
  • Disruptathon - Conducted during Imperium, Disruptathon is a Start-up pitch competition inviting students and early-stage start-ups to pitch their disruptive business ideas and plans.
  • Socio-PATH - MILE in association with Samaritans, organizes The Socio-Path, a social entrepreneurship pitching competition where everyone was invited to pitch their business ideas that support a social cause.
  • Live Projects - MILE routinely partners with companies and start-ups to do actual live projects that provide students hands-on experience tackling real-world challenges.
  • Industry connects – One on one discussions with alums and start-up owners that will help students in exploring their career possibilities and possible paths, as well as building professional networks and gaining exposure to companies. It will also assist with career planning and goal setting increasing personal and professional self-assurance.

Secretary – Megha Sharma

Prabhav Menon

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