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Monetrix - The Economics and Finance Club of MDI Gurgaon, aims to promote the thriving culture of finance in the most interesting manner. It pushes the finance enthusiasts of MDI to achieve excellence in the field of finance and economics and ensure best learning experience by organising knowledge sharing sessions, floating finance compendiums and sector reports.

The online student community is kept engaged through Monetrix Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook pages. Our members track various aspects of the world economy and industry sectors. In addition, they lead functional verticals which ensure the transfer of knowledge to the student community at large.

Secretary – L.P. Ashwanth

L.P. Ashwanth

Club Activities and Initiatives:

  • Knowledge Sharing Sessions: Fortnightly sessions open to the entire student community where our members analyze, decode and discuss current financial and economic developments.
  • Compendium: In depth reports and supplementary material comprising of interviews of alumni, finance trivia and articles on financial and economic developments written by the club members.
  • FinConclave: With a rich history of history of hosting eminent personalities like Piyush Sharma (Ex-CEO Zee (New Initiatives), India and APAC) and Ashish Kila (Director at the Perfect Group), Finance Conclave has been at the heart of financial discussions and panel conversations at MDI, Gurgaon. It provides an opportunity to students to interact with industry stalwarts and gain real insights into world of finance and economics.
    Ashish Kila

    FinConclave 4.0 featured Mr. CS Ghosh, CEO & MD, Bandhan Bank enlightening students on the ‘Role of banks and financial institutions in financial inclusion’ followed by address of Vice President of Paytm, Mr. Saurabh Jain on ‘9 steps to startup success’. The event concluded with interactive session of Mr. Emmanuel Murray, Senior Manager at Caspian Impact Investment on ‘Future of impact investment in India’.

  • Trajectory: National level case study competition which sees participation of 300+ teams from prestigious B-Schools of India to hone their skills and compete against the best minds from across the country. It promotes financial acumen, productive business thinking and decision-making in the best among the best. It provides a chance to get national recognition, and also has exciting prizes to honor the winner.
  • FinQ: A biweekly online series to equip students of various finance and economics concept along with its relevant practices in real world.

  • NewsBlast: A weekly online series to update readers about the latest development in the finance and economics world. It comprises of four section, namely, Big Story, Economic, Markets and Startup. .

  • Round Table Discussions: The limelight topics of business ecosystem take us through thick and thin of finance as a field. The Round Table discussions pace up discussions over recent finance-related events in business world, aiming to derive productive insights, ignite analytical decision-making and suggesting counter measures to solve core of these problems of these real-life scenarios.
  • Budget Discussion: The Financial Budget of the country stands as one of the most important events of the entire year. It encloses the future ideas, plans and flow of economy in the near future. The budget discussion focuses on a sector-wise presentation on key announcements & their impact on the sector, accompanied with an overall takeaway for various stakeholders of the economy.
  • CFA Research Challenge: The campus round for the CFA research challenge is conducted by Monetrix every year wherein the participating teams are supposed to present their cases under the competition guidelines in front of a panel of Alumni and thereafter clear the faculty round to get selected to represent MDI. Last year, the selected team ended up as National Finalists in the competition.

Meet the incredibly talented senior members of this club!!

Anshul Garg

Internship: JP Morgan Chase & Co.

Aastha Mittal

Internship: Goldman Sachs Inc.

LP Ashwanth

Internship: ICICI Bank

Mahima Gupta

Internship: Goldman Sachs Inc.

Naman Bansal

Internship: Loreal

Unnati Garg

Internship: JP Morgan Chase & Co.

Siddhant Khattar

Internship: Renew Power

Vasu Garg

Internship: Nomura

Yash Bajoria

Internship: OYO Rooms

Also introducing the Junior team, the Finthusiasts from 2021-23 batch


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