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Monetrix is the Economics and Finance Club of MDI Gurgaon. The purpose of Monetrix is to push its members to achieve excellence in the field of finance and economics as well as ensure and promote the sustenance of a thriving culture of finance on campus.

Our members track various aspects of the world economy and industry sectors. In addition, they lead functional verticals which ensure the transfer of knowledge to the student community at large.

The club members engage in a variety of activities throughout the year including:

  • Knowledge Sharing Sessions: Fortnightly sessions open to the entire student community where our members analyse, decode and discuss current financial and economic developments.
  • Compendium and newsletter: In depth reports and supplementary material comprising of interviews of alumni, finance trivia and articles on financial and economic developments written by the club members.
  • Competitions: National level competitions such as simulations, case studies etc. organized to provide a platform for students to hone their skills and compete against the best minds from across the country.
  • Finance Conclave: A platform for students to interact with industry stalwarts and understand their views on key issues pertaining to economics and finance.
  • Monetalkies: A concept where important financial events and concepts are discussed using the concept of movie nights.

Secretary – Ankur Maharishi

Ankur Maharishi

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