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Samaritans, the social initiatives club of MDI has a clear agenda which is to bring smiles to the faces of those who need it the most. We conduct activities throughout the year to help the deserving, those who have been forgotten or have been overlooked in the hush of life. And we are committed to it because it brings a smile to our face as well.

Activities conducted during in current academic year (April-November 2020):
  1. Ration distribution for Construction workers (April-May) During Lockdown 1.0, when many of the workers unfortunately lost their sources of earnings due to pause on all economic activities, we took the initiative to conduct an online donation drive collecting funds from the students and faculty of MDI for some construction workers. This was done to provide them with a basic ration kit. The donation collected was used to provide support in form of enough ration for 29 construction workers’ families.
  2. Outreach partners for Pride Circle (June) Pride circle is a leading consultancy company which provides job related consultancy and recruitment opportunities for candidates belonging to LGBTQ+ community. In the month of June, which is celebrated as the Pride month across the globe, Samaritans signed up as an outreach partner for #21DaysAllyChallenge organised by Pride Circle. Our work was not just limited to promotion of competition, but also included encouragement of participation from the institute and social branding of the competition. We saw huge participation from the institution as well as otherwise.
  3. Strong Against COVID Week (24th August-28th August 2020) A week-long event that included creating awareness and sensitivity among people in times of COVID through social media posts and emails. In an attempt to help people in improving their lifestyle and mindset, we propagated the advantages of home remedies, simple exercises that can be done at home, myths vs facts, positivity and optimism, inspirational and motivational information online.
  4. Push your Limits Competition (24th August-28th August 2020) As part of Strong against COVID week, we organised a “Push your limits” challenge and launched it as a competition for the students and faculty. It challenged them with a daily exercise task to be completed and submitted to the team. We recorded huge participation and received immense support for this. At the end of the week, we announced 2 winners for the challenge.
  5. Teacher’s Day, Thank you Professor (5th September 2020) A new initiative was launched this year to celebrate the contribution of our professors to our lives. On account of Teacher’s Day, we collected responses from the current 2nd year students and shared the same with respective professors in form of a card over mail. We got a very good response from the students and many professors shared their blessings and kind words for the batch.
  6. NGO marathon days (25th-27th September) It is always a good idea to be someone’s reason of smile. Even though we are at our homes we decided to conduct e-visits to NGOs this year. Students from the batch organised and participated in online visits to 5 NGOs /Orphanages /Old age homes during these 3 days. We conducted a Zoom meeting with these institutions which were spread across the country and received immense participation from the first-year students.
  7. Plant at Home drive (21st -24th September) Each year, Samaritans, conducts a plantation drive at campus. This year as we were away from our campus, we decided to conduct a similar drive but at our home. Students planted seeds and saplings in their home kitchen gardens or in earthen pots for their balconies. We saw an enthusiastic participation from students and shared their pictures on our social media.
  8. Launch of 'Athenaeum of Knowledge' (19th November) A new initiative in the form of a repository was launched with links to blogs, e-books, websites, podcasts and YouTube channels for a variety of topics. This covered a wide range of topics, from the creative arts like dance and music, to science subjects from philosophy to fitness. We saw participation from students in large numbers, which will also help in breaking the ice between those with common interests.
  9. Reaching out to children of Human Hope Foundation (21st-22nd November) As a part of our Children’s Day celebration, this year we interacted with the children of Human Hope Foundation virtually. It began with getting to know them, their dreams and passions, and proceeded to fun games involving music, Pictionary and word play. Their spontaneity and wit enthralled us. With an aim to guide them in the right direction, we closed the session with an educational video to help them choose the right path. Samaritans also distributed gift kits to the children which included story books, colours and cream rolls.

Secretary: Vishal Sharma

Vishal Sharma

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