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Web Committee

Web Committee is in charge of seamlessly integrating technology into the life of all the MDI students. The committee works through several ways like managing the Mandevian E-mails, the MDI portal and MDI E-mails. The committee also takes care of the Academic Repository Management, Remote access to Library resources and Internet access within campus. Web Committee organizes Gaming Nights, movies, TV shows and match screenings to keep students up and running in spite of the pressures of the rigorous MBA life.

Events conducted throughout the year:
  • Gaming Nights
  • Poker Night
  • Movie Nights
  • Quizathons
  • Be a Founder simulation event
  • Valorant gaming event at Imperium
  • Apptastic – Flagship Event at Imperium

Secretary: Diwanshu Guleria


Team Photo

Zeeshan Quader

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