Anupama Prashar

Assistant Professor, Operations Management
Coordinator - Compliances (AMBA, AICTE, NBA & AIU)

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Phone : +91-124-4560292

A certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black belt, Dr. Anupama Prashar combines her cross-industry project-consulting exposure with state-of-the-art academic research to add value to the discussions in her teaching and consulting assignments.

She is presently a Professor of Quality Management in the area of Operations Management at Management Development Institute, Gurgaon.

A university rank holder in her graduation and post-graduation, Dr. Prashar holds Ph.D. from School of Management Studies, Punjabi University. She received her Master’s degree in Business Management and Bachelor in Industrial Engineering from Punjab University.

Teaching & Consulting Experience:

Dr. Prashar has more than 14 years of experience across training, consulting and research. Prior to joining MDI, she has taught at University Business School, Punjab University, IILM Institute of Business Management and Punjab Technical University. She has taken up many International teaching assignments including Georgian College, Canada, Kathmandu University, Nepal. Here teaching interest include Operational Excellence frameworks, Business Intelligence & Data Analytics, Research Methodology and Service Operations Management.

As a Certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, she regularly delivers Lean Six Sigma trainings programs organized by industrial forums such as PHDCCI, CII and FICCI and also conducts MDPs(on-campus and in-company training programs).

She has coached and mentored more than 20 Lean Six Sigma projects to the small and medium scale companies from manufacturing, service to public sectors. She also conducts workshops on statistical software such as SPSS, MINITAB and Exceland has conducted training sessions in on-campus and in-company MDPs on following topics:

Six Sigma DMAIC,

Lean Manufacturing VSM, 

Design of Experiments (DOE), 

Multivariate Data Analytics for Business, 


Total Quality Management,

Value Engineering. 

Academic Research:

Dr. Prashar has published research articles in coveted international journals such as The TQM Journal, International Journal of Quality and Reliability, Production Planning & Control, TQM & Business Excellence, International Journal of Lean Six Sigma, Journal for Education in Business and International Journal of Performance & Productivity Management. She is also serving on the editorial board of journals in the field of operations management.

She has published teaching cases in Richard Ivey Publishing and Case Centre, UK. 

She has coauthored books on the subject of Industrial Safety and Environment and Operations Management. 

Her research interests include:

Total quality management, Process improvement & optimization, Strategic manufacturing and global competitiveness.


Teaching Interest

During her tenure at Management Development Institute (MDI) and prior to that,Dr Prashar havebeenteachingcourses in the area of Operations Management and Quantitative Research Methods.Anoverviewof courses taught at MDI:

Management of Quality(Elective): NMP, PGPM, PT-PGPM program

Research Methodology-Quantitative(Core): FPM program

Research Methods in Business(Core): PGPM program

Service Operations Management(Elective): PGPM program



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Teaching cases published with Teaching Note

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National Refereed papers  

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She is a Certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt and has delivered number of Lean Six Sigma trainings programmes organized by industrial forums such as PHDCCI, CII and FICCI. She has conducted training sessions in on-campus and in-company MDPs on following topics:

Six Sigma DMAIC

Total Quality Management(TQM)

Lean toolkit(VSM, 5S, SMED..)

Design of Experiments (DOE)


Quality Function Deployment(QFD)

Statistical Process Control(SPC) Implementation

Failure Mode and Effect Analysis(FMEA)

Service Excellence through Quality Practices.

Data Analysis using MINITAB



As a trained Master Black Belt, she leads consulting projects on Operational Efficiency and Productivity Improvement with client companies such as KDD Limited, GNA Enterprises, Sutlej motors and small & medium sized enterprises.