Our alumni network is a diverse, global community of effective and responsible leaders making an impact across a wide range of industries.

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The MDI alumni network has members from all the postgraduate programmes of MDI. With more than 700 members joining the group every year, the alumni network is today over 10,000 strong. The members are spread both nationally and internationally.

MDI thoroughly values this community and its relationship with them. To strengthen the existing threads and weave many a new, the Alumni Relations Committee, more popularly, Alcom, has solely devoted itself to this cause. Right from its formative years, this committee has grown by leaps and bounds in reaching out, catering to diverse needs and bringing together all the illustrious alumni of MDI.

Alcom organises regular Annual Alumni Meets at MDI and also regional meets in different cities across India. Alumni events provide an opportunity to catch up with old buddies, narrate stories and learn about exciting opportunities. However, underneath all this is something more influential. These events celebrate the power that education has on people and the debt owed to the institute that empowered everyone to reach their full potential. Alumni go down memory lane and enjoy sports, cultural and other thoughtful activities organised by students and strengthen bonding in the fun-loving community.

Apart from organising events, Alcom also maintains a dedicated portal wherein alumni can register themselves and keep abreast of MDI's latest developments and across the ManDevIan community. It also sends out an annual magazine called 'MDI Chronicles' which captures the various events happening on campus.

For any institute, the alumni can immensely contribute to the student community's development, but to effectively leverage this resource, they all need a catalyst; the MDI Alcom is constantly persevering in playing this role to perfection.