Research and learning at MDI Gurgaon takes place across two schools. Our schools stand as a testament to our commitment to excellence in education. Each school is dedicated to delivering exceptional learning opportunities in its respective field. Our faculty, renowned experts in their disciplines, provide guidance and mentorship to nurture students' intellectual and professional growth. Here is the introduction and detail of each with programmes, faculty and more. 

School of Public Policy and Governance

The School of Public Policy and Governance was established in 2006 in MDI. Since then, with the support of DoPT, the Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Public Policy and Management) - PGDM (PPM) has successfully trained approximately 250 senior officers representing 22 Ministries/Organizations & State Governments from 12 Services – (IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS, Indian Railways, IES, ITS, CSS, ICAR, Atomic Energy, etc). The School of Public Policy and Governance and the Centre of Excellence in a World Class infrastructure provide a unique learning expe...

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School of Management of Financial Institutions

The School of Management of Financial Institutions (SoMFI) was established by MDI Gurgaon. The SoMFI is dedicated to providing education, training, research, and consulting services in the field of banking and finance. It caters specifically to the emerging markets of India and South Asian countries. The primary objective of SoMFI is to produce business leaders who can add value to their organizations while also shaping the sector's landscape through policy-making. As corporations become more sophisticated and the demand for reliable financial ser...

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