Center for Behavioural Science & Neuroscience Lab

Brandscapes MDI Center for Behavioural Science & Neuroscience Lab – where curiosity meets discovery, and where the understanding of behavior is redefined.

The evolution of behavioral science tools over time has allowed us to study and understand the drivers of behavior patterns to make better behavioral change intervention decisions. The findings from such research has the potential to illuminate our comprehension and influence policy-making, thereby extending benefits to a broader audience including managers and policymakers. Through academic rigor and experiment-based investigations, the centre will endeavour to generate insightful decision-making perspectives, offering practical advantages for industry leaders and policymakers to adopt fresh outlooks.

The inauguration of the Brandscapes MDI Centre for Behavioural Science and Neuro Lab at the Management Development Institute, Gurgaon, on February 21, 2024, marks a milestone in Indian management research and education. Intended to establish a multidisciplinary platform dedicated to conducting and disseminating research rooted in neuroscientific and behavioral principles, its application areas span finance, economics and policy management, marketing, organizational behavior, and human resource management.

The ambition is to spearhead applied research initiatives, including consulting and elevating management practices across sectors such as finance, health, public policy, marketing, economics, organizational behavior, and human resource management. Simultaneously, it seeks to make pioneering contributions to academic knowledge in these domains. The centre actively seeks collaboration with researchers in academia and industry practitioners who share an interest in engaging in meticulous yet pertinent research.

About Us

Our centre intends to be a hub for cutting-edge research, education, and innovation in the fields of behavioral science and neuroscience. Committed to advancing knowledge and understanding human behavior, we provide a dynamic environment for students, researchers, and professionals to explore the intricacies of the mind and how it’s functioning influences decisions in various contexts.



Our mission is to bridge the gap between theory and practice, fostering a comprehensive understanding of behavioral patterns and neural mechanisms. We strive to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the complex landscape of human behavior in various contexts, to be able to understand the drivers of decisions with the intention of developing improved behavior change interventions.



Dive into ground-breaking research initiatives. From exploring the neural basis of decision-making to understanding the psychological factors influencing consumer behavior, our research spans a wide array of topics at the intersection of behavioral science and neuroscience.


Immerse yourself in our state-of-the-art facilities equipped with cutting-edge technology. Our laboratories offer hands-on experience, allowing students and researchers to conduct experiments, analyze data, and explore the latest advancements in behavioral and neuroscience research.

The Centre is equipped with a 128-Channel EEG System from Brain Products along with active & sponge-based electrodes. The actiCHamp Plus amplifier of Brain Products is a Versatile all-in-one lab amplifier. It is easily integrated with EEGLAB, MATLAB, LSL and OpenVIBE.

The laboratory has a dedicated workstations for E-Prime 3.0 (stimulus presentation software) aiding in psychophysical and behavioral experiments; and for EEG Acquisition & Analysis. Additionally, the centre has a multifunctional stimuli and response device, ‘Chronos’. The device allows for accurate recording of data of key presses and releases.

Events and Conferences

Stay connected with the latest developments in the field through our regular webinars/events and conferences. Engage with leading experts, participate in workshops, and contribute to the vibrant community of scholars dedicated to unravelling the mysteries of the human mind.


Forge connections with industry leaders, fellow researchers, and professionals through our collaborative initiatives. We actively seek partnerships that bring together academia and industry, driving innovation and practical applications in the realm of behavioral science and neuroscience.


Our Team

Centre Chairperson

Professor Arvind Sahay
Professor of Marketing & International Business
Contact: [email protected]

Yash Chakarvarty
Research Manager
Contact: [email protected], [email protected]

Anshul Sati
Research Associate


Connect With Us

For collaborations and research-related queries, write into [email protected] or [email protected]


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