Sajal Ghosh

Associate Professor, Economics

Email :
Phone : +91-124-4560309


Ph. D; M. Phil.; M. Tech.


His experience in the industry spans almost six years. .

Awards & Honors:

Ex-Member, International Association for Energy Economics

MDI Award for Excellence in Research 2010, 2012, 2014

Ex-Member of World Energy Council’s International Study Group on Energy Market Reforms..

Review Papers for reputed International Journals

Ex-Member, National Council on Energy, Confederation of Indian Industries (CII)

The paper “Growth and Oil Futures Prices in Developing Countries” got Best Paper Award in Applied Business Research (ABR) Conference, The Clute Institute For Academic Research, HAWAII - JANUARY 2-5, 2007

Biographed in Marquis "Who's Who in the World", the leading biographical reference publisher of USA, for contribution in the field of energy economics

Areas of Interest:

His areas of interest are econometrics & time series modeling¸ demand forecasting¸ energy economics¸ macroeconomics and cleaner technologies.

A. International Peer-reviewed Journals  (as on Feb 2015)

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B. National Peer-reviewed Journals

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C. Newspaper Articles

1. Clean coal technology, despite Clinton (Aug 18 2009) Economic Times

2. Freeing up prices of all petrofuels will encourage competition (Nov 5, 2011), Economic Times

3. The possibility of a sane fuel policy (Dec 22, 2011), MINT

4. Solutions to the fuel crisis (12 June, 2012), Economic Times

5. Coming down to earth: Why solar power isn’t a big deal (Nov 9, 2013), Economic Times,

6. India’s sham fuel pricing regime boosts subsidies (Oct 8, 2013) Economic Times

7. The conundrum of coal allocations (DEC 16 2014), MINT

8. India’s trouble with gold demand (DEC 08 2014), MINT

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