Emerging digital technologies and professional services: Current and future research agenda

December 11, 2023 | 11:00 AM

MDI Gurgaon is proud to invite the eminent speaker Prof. Piyush Sharma, a distinguished faculty of Curtin University, Australia, who will share his thoughts on a highly relevant topic: Emerging digital technologies and professional services: Current and future research agenda.

Date: 11th December 2023 (Monday)
Time: 11 AM IST

Session's abstract: Despite the growing widespread interest in the emerging digital technologies (e.g., artificial intelligence, blockchain, internet of things, machine learning, robotics, augmented, mixed and virtual reality), most current research focuses on their impact in the consumer services contexts (e.g., education, healthcare, retailing, and transportation). By contrast, there is little research on the impact of these new digital technologies on the professional services despite their important contribution to economic growth and employment around the world and significant differences with consumer services in their decision-making process. A recent special issue of the 'Journal of Service Theory and Practice' special issue addresses this important research gap and extends growing research on the role of emerging digital technologies in professional services context. In this seminar, Prof. Sharma will share his experience of managing this special issue. He would further share the key findings from the eight articles finally selected for publication in this special issue, which use diverse conceptual and empirical (qualitative and quantitative) approaches and are classified into three broad themes, a) Diverse theoretical perspectives, b) Challenges in digitalisation process, and c) Practical applications of digitalisation.

The session will be astutely moderated by Prof. NARAIN GUPTA (Professor, Operations Management, MDI Gurgaon).