Financing Instruments for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation

November 22, 2022 | 11:00 AM

Dr. Lopez-Claros, Executive Director and Chair of the Global Governance Forum shall be sharing his thoughts on the topic "Financing Instruments for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation" at the wisdom cafe research seminar series to be held on 22 November 2022 at MDI Campus.

Topic brief:
There is broad recognition that the national emission targets put forth by the Parties at COP 21 in Paris in 2015 are not consistent with limiting a temperature rise to 2?C above pre-industrial levels. Absent mitigation of GHG emissions global temperatures will be on a rapidly ascending trajectory and rise some 3-4?C by the end of this century. Given the associated damage to the global economy and its supporting ecosystems and to the natural world more generally there has been increasing emphasis in recent years on identifying policies that might facilitate climate change mitigation and adaptation.

One particular area of focus has been on the financing needs associated with significant investments in various forms of infrastructure, including investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy. In the tens of trillions of dollars over the next decade, such investments would have to prioritize building low-carbon resilient infrastructures, with nearly two-thirds of these outlays taking place in emerging markets and developing countries.

The session will be moderated by Prof. Vanita Singh, Economics & Public Policy Area, MDI Gurgaon.