Research Paradigms to Research Question - A Journey

January 31, 2024 | 12:00 PM

Make your calendars for our upcoming Wisdone Cafe session. MDI Gurgaon is pleased to welcome the speaker Prof. Vijay Pereira, (Distinguished Professor, NEOMA Business School, France). Join us as he delivers a lecture on an insightful topic: Research Paradigms to Research Question - A Journey.

Date: 31st January 2024 (Wednesday)
Time: 12 PM to 1 PM

Sharing session’s abstract here: This talk provides a succinct overview of the critical role played by epistemology and ontology in shaping the methodologies and outcomes of research endeavors. Epistemology and ontology, as branches of philosophy, contribute fundamental frameworks for understanding the nature of knowledge and existence, respectively. This talk explores their interconnectedness and impact on various research paradigms across disciplines. Researchers' epistemological stance influences their choice of research methods, the validation of knowledge claims, and the interpretation of findings. The contrast between positivism and constructivism exemplifies the divergent epistemological perspectives that researchers may adopt, each shaping the research process in distinctive ways. Researchers' ontological commitments guide their conceptualization of phenomena, influencing the framing of research questions and the identification of variables. The interplay between epistemology and ontology is evident in the design and execution of research studies. Whether exploring the objective reality through quantitative methods or embracing the subjective experiences through qualitative approaches, researchers make implicit epistemological and ontological choices that shape the research process.

The session will be astutely moderated by Prof. Abhishek Behl (Assistant Professor, Information Management, MDI Gurgaon).