Scholar Meets Suit: Navigating the Pathway to the Consulting Landscape

January 27, 2024 | 07:00 PM

MDI Gurgaon is proud to invite eminent Dr. Gaatha Narang ,Senior Analyst, People Analytics & Behaviour Science, Accenture Strategy & Consulting, as a speaker on an interesting topic "Scholar Meets Suit: Navigating the Pathway to the Consulting Landscape" for Exploratio seminar.

Date - 27th January 2024 (Saturday)
Time  - 7:00 PM Onwards
Mode  - Online
Sharing Session’s preface here: Embark on a journey through the consulting industry's lens to discern the stark differences between the scholarly research realm and the intricate landscape of practical challenges. This session offers a firsthand exploration of how the skills learned during the research journey can be applied in the fast-paced, client-oriented environment of consulting. By dissecting real-world consulting scenarios, challenges, and essential skill sets, scholars will gain valuable insights into what it takes to transition successfully. Equip yourself with the knowledge to navigate the unique demands of consulting and start preparing now for a seamless integration of research skills into the vibrant practitioner world. Join us for an illuminating discussion that unveils the pathway to success where scholarly excellence meets the dynamic landscape of consulting.

Let’s make this Saturday evening knowledgeable!