Teaching (Facilitating) Triumphs: Small Changes, Big Impact with Learning Science

February 28, 2024 | 07:00 PM

Keep your evening free for yet another fascinating EXPLORATIO seminar. MDI Gurgaon is pleased to invite eminent Prof. Sonam Chawla (Faculty & Assistant Dean, OB & HR, Jindal Global University), as speaker on the Topic – Teaching (Facilitating) Triumphs: Small Changes, Big Impact with Learning Science.

Date- 28th February 2024 (Wednesday)

Time- 7 PM Onwards

Mode- Online

Sharing Session’s preface here: Explore effective teaching/facilitating strategies rooted in the science of learning. The session will focus on making small, gradual adjustments to boost student/participant learning. It includes (i) Exploration of practical, actionable teaching techniques derived from learning science. (ii) Real-world examples of how "small teaching" principles can be seamlessly integrated into classrooms/learning environments. (iii) Discussions on the relevance and applicability of these lessons for FPM scholars in their future roles in academia and industry.

Let’s gain some valuable insights and perspectives!