Executive Programme in Business Management for Armed Forces Officers

Counted among the top five armed forces in the world, Indian Armed Forces are known for their professionalism, achievements, ethos, size and technology. Selection of officers into the armed forces itself is a stringent screening process which includes academic and psychological testing with lakhs of applicants staking their claim on few hundred vacancies.

The Executive Programme in Business Management for Armed Forces Officers (AFP) at MDI Gurgaon is unique. Iit is the only resettlement course in the Armed Forces which allows the selected participants to participate in an engaging academic rigour while interacting with the industry Leaders from Delhi NCR. The locational advantage is beyond compare for any other Tier-I Management Institute.

The Officers retiring from Indian Armed Forces represent a group of motivated personnel who have been put through rigorous training to develop ethos of leadership, devotion, discipline and teamwork. These officers have worked with diverse groups of people and in equally diverse and challenging circumstances thus imbibing the art of being flexible, adaptable and focused at the same time. From early stages of their respective careers, these Officers have shouldered responsibility and delivered results through a positive attitude, good communication skills and cross functional knowledge.

The group, undergoing the programme, has officers with diverse background, skills, educational qualifications and fields of service. The work experience of the participants of the course range from 10 to 30 years with an average of approximately 20 years.

The Armed Forces Business Management Course at MDI Gurgaon is a full time 24 weeks’ management course, divided into three semesters of eight weeks each. At the end of this intense business education, the Management Warriors are fully geared for the work in varied fields. The curriculum of the AFP course includes specifically selected and designed modules with an aim to impart contemporary global management practices through pedagogy of case-study method, class room discussions, business presentations and industry visits. The stringent course curriculum brings to fore the analytical and managerial skills that are a prerequisite for success in corporate career.