Anupama Prashar

Assistant Professor, Operations Management
Coordinator - Compliances (AMBA, NBA & AIU)
Associate Editor - Vision - Journal of Business Perspective

Email :
Phone : +91-124-4560292

Academic Qualifications

• PhD (Management), Punjabi University, India, 2012

• MBA, Jai Narayan Vyas University, India, 2001

• B. Tech. Industrial Engineering, Punjab Technical University, India, 1999

Professional Qualifications

• Lean Six Sigma, Master Black Belt Certification, Indian Statistical Institute, 2015

• Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification, QT & T Consulting (Asia), 2010

Awards and Honours

• Winner of Research Excellence Award, Management Development Institute, Gurgaon, India, 2018

• Best Research Paper Award, FORE International Operations Conference, India, 2015

• University Rank Holder, Bachelor of Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Punjab Technical University, India, 2000.

• Reviewer for scientific and scholarly journals (27 reviews for 9 international journals).

• Member of doctoral thesis examination committee, Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai, India, 2019

Research output

• As on August 2020, 35 journal publications (in ABDC ranked journals) in the areas of Sustainable Operations Management and Industrial Engineering & Management. 

• Published seven teaching cases on the subject of General Management and Production & Operations Management in Ivey Publishing

• Published books and book chapters

• Conference papers

Institutional Responsibilities

• Coordinator for Compliances and Association of MBAs Accreditation, Management Development Institute, Gurgaon, India, 2016-2020

• Chairperson – Operations Management Group, IILM University, Gurgaon, India, 2013-2014. 

Memberships and positions of trust in scientific societies

• European Operations Management Association (EUROMA) membership, 2017-2020

• Production & Operations Management Society (POMS, India Chapter) membership, 2020


Dr. Prashar has more than 15 years of experience in academics. Prior to joining MDI, she has taught at University Business School, Punjab University, IILM Institute of Business Management and Punjab Technical University. She has taught MBA courses on Operations Management, Service Operations Management, Statistical Research Methods, Materials Management, Quality Management(Six Sigma, Lean Management, TQM), and Quantitative Methods. She has taken up many International teaching assignments including Georgian College, Canada, Kathmandu University, Nepal



• Research Interests: Sustainable operations, Continuous Improvement, Operational Excellence, Industrial engineering

• ResearchGate Score: 21.17 (as on August 2020)

• Google Scholar h-index:10 (as on August 2020)

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C) Publications intended for the general public, linked to the applicant’s research 

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As a Certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, she regularly delivers Lean Six Sigma trainings programs organized by industrial forums such as PHDCCI, CII and FICCI and also conducts MDPs(on-campus and in-company training programs).She conducts workshops on statistical software such as SPSS, NVivo, MINITAB and Excel. She has conducted training sessions in on-campus and in-company MDPs on following topics:

• Service Quality
• Statistical tools for Research
• Six Sigma DMAIC,
• Lean Manufacturing VSM,
• MINITAB Training
• Design of Experiments (DOE),
• Multivariate Data Analytics for Business,
• Benchmarking,
• Total Quality Management,
• Value Engineering.

She has taken training sessions in on-campus and in-company MDPs conducted for executives of more than companies Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL), Central Public Works Department (CPWD), IndianOil Corporation Ltd. (IOCL), iQor, Magneti Marelli India, Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. (MSIL), Mid-Career Training Programme of Indian Ordnance Factories (OFB), Xpress Money Services and Indian Armed Forces.


• Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI), Research Grant Scheme, A project on customer service quality and relationship impact assessment framework for health insurance in India.

• As a trained Master Black Belt, she leads consulting projects on Operational Efficiency and Productivity Improvement with client companies such as KDD Limited, GNA Enterprises, Sutlej motors and small & medium sized enterprises.