Ruchi Agarwal

Assistant Professor
Faculty In-charge - Incubation Centre

[email protected]


Dr. Ruchi Agarwal is an Assistant Professor in Strategy and Management at Management Development Institute (MDI) since January 2022. Prior to joining MDI, Dr. Ruchi Agarwal was working as a Senior Researcher at the Indian School of Business (ISB), Hyderabad between 2016-2021.

She has over 14 years of working with large multinationals like Computer Science Corporation (CSC), Zensar Technologies, and Jindal Group. She has consulted with companies in the private health insurance field and insurance claim investigations. Her teaching interests include Strategic Management and Risk Management. She conducted executive training in IIM-Lucknow for General Managers and IIRM, Hyderabad in the area of risk management and fraud risk analytics. Her articles are published in prestigious journals such as California Management Review (CMR), Journal of Risk Finance, and Strategic Change.

Dr. Agarwal has the distinction of being the youngest women Fellow of the Insurance Institute of India (III). She is an MBA from the Institute of Management Technology (IMT) and an Associate of Chartered Insurance Institute (CII), London. She has earned her Ph.D. from the University of Edinburgh in The United Kingdom

Ranked Journal Articles

  •  Agarwal, R., Kallapur, S. (2021). Four ways to effectively report risk. California Management Review.
  •  Agarwal, R. and Kallapur, S. (2018). Cognitive Risk Culture and Role of Actors in Three Lines of Defence Model: A Case Study. Journal of Risk Finance, 19 (4), 327-342
  •  Agarwal, R. (2018). A Multiple Perspective Views to Rampant Fraudulent Culture in Indian Insurance Industry. International Journal of Indian Culture and Business Management (IJICBM), 16 (4), 416-437
  •  Agarwal, R., & Ansell, J. (2016). Strategic Change in Enterprise Risk Management. Strategic Change, 25(4), 427–439.

Upcoming Papers

  •  Agarwal, R., Kallapur, S., Dwivedi, S. (2022). Organizational Challenges in controlling frauds: A Case Study
  •  Agarwal, R., Kallapur, S., Tamvada, J. P. (2022). Risk Governance and Ethics
  •  Agarwal, R., Kallapur, S., Dwivedi, S. (2022). Fraud Risk Management

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

  •  Agarwal, R. (2019). Integration Stages of PRM into ERM: International Journal of Risk and Contingency Management (IJRCM), Vol 8, Issue 1
  •  Agarwal, N., & Agarwal, R. (2016). Why Communities of Practice (CoP) are ‘still’relevant for the organizations. Studies in Asian social science, 3(2).
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Book / Book Chapters

  •  Agarwal, R., & Virine, L. (2017). Integration of project risk management (PRM) into enterprise risk management (ERM). In Handbook of research on leveraging risk and uncertainties for effective project management (pp. 294-317). IGI Global.
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  •  Agarwal, R., Ansell, J. (2014). Enterprise Risk Management: A future Outlook, In World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, International Science Index, Business and Management Sciences, 2(4), 240

Opinion Articles in Media

  •  Agarwal, R. and Kallapur, S. (01 July, 2018). Failure of Risk Governance in the Indian Banking System, Fortune India
  •  Agarwal, R. (Jan - March 2019). Good Practices in Risk Reporting: Insights for Practitioners, Risk & Compliance Magazine, UK
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Conference Publications

  •   Annual Conference on Risk Governance, Germany 2017.
  •   Academy of Management 76th Annual Meeting California, USA 2016.
  •   ISA Forum of Sociology, Vienna, Europe 2016.
  •   Strategic Management Society (SMS), Denver, USA 2015.
  •   International Conference on Risk Analysis (ICRA), Barcelona, Europe 2015
  •   European Academy of Management, Warsaw, Europe, 2015.
  •   SRA World Congress on Risk, Singapore, Asia, 2015.
  •   48th Annual Meeting of the Western Risk & Insurance Association (WRIA), Napa, CA (2014).
  •   ICRAM, World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, 7-8 August in Amsterdam, Netherland.
  •   22nd Annual Conference of the Society for Risk Analysis – Europe (SRA-Europe), Norway.
  •   IPE Conference on Enterprise Risk Management for Banking and Insurance, Hyderabad 2013.
  •   International Conference on Finance, Accounting, and Global Investments, 2008, IMI, New Delhi.