Incoming Exchange Programe

Incoming Exchange Programe

1. Eligibility to become an Exchange Student

To be a part of MDI family for an international student should contact their International office and confirm an agreement of student exchange activities must be signed with their home institution and MDI. She/he should be enrolled and should be an active student in home university to apply for exchange.

2. Nomination and Registration

MDI receives nomination of interested exchange student’s coordination with home institute/University. with their filled in information sheet. Similarly the for the registration process in coordination with home institute/University MDI share a detailed registration form and ask to submit with desired documents.

3. Nomination Timeline

  • Autumn term 2021: 30 June
  • Spring term 2021: 30 November

4. Registration Timeline

  • Autumn term 2021: 30 May
  • Spring term 2021: 30 November

Course List

To select the list of available courses please click here

Course Registration

Home institute/ university must inform the International Exchange students about minimum ETCS points required for qualifying the term.MDI G complete the registration of students for courses on arrival. The availability of any course depend on certain minimum number of students opting for the course

Academic Calendar

To see the list of academic activities, holidays and other events please click here

Fact Sheet

Please click here to explore the fact sheet of MDIG Link

1. Accommodation

Apart from being convenient, living on the campus will facilitate easy interaction with the regular MBA students who are all required to stay at the hostel. The housing facility provided at the students’ hostel is done on a payment basis. The bathroom and toilet facilities are cleaned every day and every bathroom has a hot water facility. The housing will be on a double occupancy basis. Prior registration for the rooms is not required.

Approximate room charges are 13,000 INR per month (inclusive of air conditioning).online payment procedure will be briefed on arrival

2. Common Room

For the benefit of exchange students, there is a common room provided and is equipped with facilities like a kitchenette, television, satellite TV, a computer and a refrigerator.

3. Food

The student hostel has a mess where meals are provided at a nominal rate. The student mess takes good care of most of your needs with the usual breakfast/lunch/dinner. In addition, there are 3 canteens on campus where tea, coffee, soft drinks, packaged juice, noodles, Cheese and butter toasts, etc are served. The night canteens remain open till 4am in the morning. Mess charges are average 4000-5000 INR.

4. Water

You may use Packaged Drinking Water during your first few days in India. Purified water is available at Water Coolers/Water Filters at MDI. Be careful about not drinking water from the taps as it is not fit for consumption

5. Student ID and Email ID

International Exchange students are given unique Student ID on campus and for smooth academics and Email lD of given to students.

6. Laundry

Rohit Laundry Service is a mechanized laundry facility whereby students can get their clothes washed and ironed at nominal rates.

7. Computers

All hostel rooms are wired up and allow access to the Internet/Intranet through the MDI network. However, students have to make arrangements for their own computer. You may bring along a laptop from your home country. However, when you bring your laptop along, please declare it at Customs when entering the country. To get logged onto the network, please contact the Computer Center Helpdesk. Your buddy will help you with this. Students can also use the Computer Center, which is open from 8:00 AM to 2:00 AM in Lakshya Building and contains more than 100 terminals.

8. Text Books

Textbooks and other study material for all courses will be provided by MDI at the time of registration (a nominal amount will be charged for the books).

9. Banks

MDI has an ATM on campus which is compatible with all International ATM cards

10. Hospital

A doctor is available till 4:00 PM inside the campus. A number of hospitals are located near the MDI campus. Few of them are located in the Sector 14 residential colony which is a short distance from the campus.

11. Medical support

MDI having 24*7 ambulance service available on campus for any medical emergency and a team of Dr Available on campus for regular medical services

12. Gym and Sports facilities

MDI having well equipped air conditioned GYM common for all within campus and all other sport indoor /outdoor facilities also available for students, huge Football ground, Cricket ground, Basketball ground, Tennis Court, Badminton court.

13. Orientation and Farewell

Every Exchange student is given warm welcomes by the MDI management, IR office and concern departments.

And on completion of the course and on before departure from MDIG for home University a farewell is planned and bouquet of wonderful memories for forever given to students.

Prof Shailendra K Rai
Prof Shailendra K Rai
Chairperson -International Relations