Donatienne Hissard Director-General of Campus France visited MDI Gurgaon on 23rd Nov 2023

November 23, 2023

Distinguished French diplomat, Donatienne Hissard, Director-General of Campus France visited MDI Gurgaon on 23rd Nov 2023 with a team facilitating cooperative actions at the institutional level between French and Indian Higher Education and Research. 

Global Engagements Office Team welcomed Ms. Donatienne Hissard at MDI Gurgaon on her first visit to India since taking the helm of Campus France in May 2022.
Prof. Arvind Sahay (Director, MDI-G) during the discussion mentioned the high repute and strong international orientation and expertise of MDI and its footprint globally with a strong presence in France. Ms. Donatienne was happy to hear the impressive figures of French partners and student mobility to France. She was also delighted with the internationalization strategy and how France features in it. She keenly learned about current actions with French partners, evolving in the future and strategies were discussed on how Campus France could support along the way. 
Apart from this, the team connected with exchange students on campus from France attending the term abroad at MDI, and had a good exchange of words about their experience of academic and cultural learning in India.