MDI Gurgaon signed MoU with emlyon Business School

February 16, 2024

MDI Gurgaon and emlyon business school, France signed the first of its kind Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)for the short-term Immersion Programb for the students of emlyon’s MSc (Cybersecurity & Defense Management) program in the presence of Dr. Isabelle Huault, President, Dr. Nicolas Péjout, PhD, Vice President, and Dr. Mohit Anand, Director of Operations (India), Prof. Arvind Sahay, Director MDI Gurgaon, and Global Engagement Team.

On this occasion Prof. Arvind Sahay (Director, MDI-G) mentioned this immersion program will not only expand the participants’ knowledge but also expose them to diverse perspectives, cultural insights, and professional networks. They will be equipped to tackle complex challenges, make informed decisions, and navigate the global business landscape with confidence. Through this immersion program, they will gain invaluable skills and broaden their horizons, making the most of their time in one of the world's most vibrant and diverse tech ecosystems.

Prof (Dr.) Parul Gupta (Lead-Global Engagement) remarked "In this program, participants will have the opportunity to engage with experts in cybersecurity, exploring the latest threat landscapes and security measures. They will delve into understanding emerging technologies, and witness firsthand how India harnesses the power of AI, blockchain, and other emerging technologies. Furthermore, they will gain insights into the art of influence and due diligence, understanding the cultural and ethical nuances that shape decisions of the state and businesses in this diverse and rapidly evolving environment. Finally, they will also gain exposure to India’s business environment and landscape."

The signing ceremony was joined by Prof. Divya Sharma (Faculty In-Charge, Global Engagement office) and the other team members.