• Start Date
    Jul 04, 2022
  • Duration
    3 Days
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Competency Building for Leadership Roles

Preparing managers at the middle and senior levels for leadership roles is very crucial as leadership is not confined to only the top and second levels of management. Such an approach of leadership development will to a great extent take care of the leadership crisis being faced by many organisations. Leadership roles include developing competencies not only of managing but influencing and empowering others to help them achieve desired outcomes. Leadership is also seeing the bigger picture, having a clear vision in line with the company’s strategic plans and communicating it across the team, negotiating effectively and managing teams across cultures. Effective leadership also includes identifying individual strengths and delegating accordingly, and monitoring progress towards pre-defined goals and objectives, listening objectively and empathetically, being organised and managing stress.


  • Understanding Self and Others
  • Leadership Communication
  • Cross Cultural Management
  • Time and Stress Management
  • Winning Negotiation Strategies
  • Leadership and Decision Making

Who can participate

Executives at all levels in organisations such as government, public and private sectors, MNCs, NGOs etc.

Registration and Fees

Participants should be nominated by their organisations. The enclosed nomination form should be completed and returned with all the details. The fee of the programme is Rs. 37,500/- (rupees thirty-seven thousand five hundred only) per participant which includes a professional fee and all charges for lodging and boarding and supply of course materials. GST as applicable will be charged extra in addition to the programme fee. Payment should be made by cheque/NEFT/RTGS.