Post Graduate Diploma in Management – Public Policy and Management (PGDM-PPM)

Contemporary governance asks decision-makers to co-create public services regarding how government actions are effective and efficient in designing and delivering equitable benefits.  Since 2006, the AICTE approved, DoPT supported Post Graduate Diploma in Management-Public Policy and Management (PGDM-PPM) at MDI has constantly bridged the diverse experiences with evidence and expertise for cognitive gain, behavioural change, and citizen-centricity. The program aligns courses and discourses on functional competency for productive efficiency and domain competency for professional effectiveness. The program is expected to develop comprehensive competency by integrating understanding, realization, and value judgment by aligning government vision with citizens’ values.

Programme Learning Goals

  • Responsible citizen consciousness
  • Global perspective
  • Critical and innovative thinking
  • Strategic leadership orientation
  • Evidence-based citizen-centric policy analysis

Programme Highlights

  • The eighteen months program, out of which 15 months will be at MDI Gurgaon, followed by three months for a Policy Paper, undertaken by the participants at the respective workplaces.
  • Alumni of 250 senior officers representing 22 Ministries/Organizations & State Governments from 12 Services
  • Community of Practice Interphase: Interaction with Policy Experts /Development Experts/Alumni & Theme-based Workshops/Round Tables
  • One-week Village Immersion for convergence of competencies:  Real Life Laboratory to exchange and engage society and policy implementors on topical policy issues in the search for sustainable alternatives.
  • Develop specialized domain competency on Citizen-centric governance and effective public system management; Effective and efficient leadership in collaborative governance; and Innovative global and regional sustainable development policies and practices.
  • Policy Paper:  Convert knowledge in a usable form for national and local development in the form of a White Paper.

Target Audience

  • Middle and Senior Level Government Officers, sponsored by the DoPT and State Cadres
  • Other participants with a minimum of 3-year experience in Central and State Government organizations and departments at Middle or Senior Management levels/Consultant firms/Multilateral Agencies/NGOs/CSOs/Public Policy Professionals and Aspirants.

Uniqueness of the Programme

  • Multidisciplinary Inhouse faculty, state-of-the-art library, and continuous learning and sharing environment
  • 15 months in MDI Gurgaon campus is designed to promote behavioral competency to cognitive gain, behavioral change for promoting citizen centricity
  • Holistic understanding through a blend of theory and practice on public policy & governance, law, project management, public finance, infrastructure and sustainable development, economics, and leadership and human resources management.
  • Policy formulation, implementation, analysis, evaluation, and assessment skills.
  • Courses taught by faculty with over two-three decades of international and national experience in government, industry, and academia.

MDI Gurgaon follows a continuous evaluation system. A participant earns a letter grade in each course with an associated grade point. The credit weightage average of these grades in the programme is Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA).


Every year the participants, based on performance, receive two awards:

  • Director’s Gold Medal for obtaining the Highest CGPA.
  • The School of Public Policy and Governance Gold Medal for “Outstanding Performance on obtaining IInd highest CGPA”


The curriculum comprises core and elective courses. Core courses lay the foundation and cover all aspects of Management and are mandatory. Electives are chosen based on the candidate’s areas of interest. An indica-tive list of Core and Elective courses is given below:

Core Courses:

  • Workshop on Understanding Self
  • Microeconomics
  • Accounting Budgeting and Control
  • Workshop on Effective Leadership Communication
  • Workshop on Cases on Public Policy in India
  • Public Management and Governance
  • Understanding Human Resource Management
  • Policy Paper Writing Workshop
  • Ethics in Public Services
  • Macro-Economic Environment
  • Qualitative Methods in Policy Research
  • Fundamentals of Public Policy Analysis
  • Quantitative Methods in Policy Research
  • Corporate Governance & Social Responsibility
  • Managing Change in Public Organisations
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Managing Public Private Partnership
  • Corporate Finance and Financial Markets
  • Global Governance & Sustainable Development
  • Marketing Management
  • Global Perspectives & Negotiation Skill (Workshop)
  • Institutions & Development
  • Civil Society Organisations and Governance
  • Information Technology & E-Governance
  • Public Finance and Policy
  • Regulations Policy and Practice in Financial Sector


  • Leadership Competencies for Change and Development
  • Social Exclusive, Poverty and Regional Development
  • Governance & Management of Natural Resources
  • Advanced Policy Modelling
  • Operations & Supply Chain Management
  • Cyber Security in Government
  • Energy Policies & Sustainable Development
  • Influencing Citizen Behaviour through Campaign Management
  • Infrastructure Economics and Financing
  • Innovation in Public Service Delivery
  • Microfinance & Digital Finance: Customers, Models & Policy

Academic Schedule

  • The curriculum comprises of the coursework, a rural immersion and a dissertation/policy paper.
  • This is a residential programme that requires participants to compulsorily stay at the MDI Gurgaon campus during the period of their coursework.
  • The coursework is covered over the first 15 months of the programme and is spread over seven terms of approximately 10 weeks each. Participants complete 36 courses carrying 106.5 credits.
  • On successful completion of the courses, the participants undergo a rural immersion experience.
  • The final component of the programme is a dissertation/policy paper during the last three months of the 18-month period.

Testimonials from PPM Alumni

Shomita Biswas (IFS) - Joint Secretary, GoI,
PGDM-PPM (2018-19 batch)

“The learnings from the programme has given me a different perspective to look at public policies. Definitely, now I am better equipped to articulate of the issues relating to public policies and approach them with different and innovative ways. I am grateful to MDI Gurgaon for that.”

Ram Swaroop Sharma - Commandant, Mewar Bhil Corps, Rajasthan Policy Service
PGDM-PPM (2016-17 Batch)

“The program empowers skills for efficient methods to systematically investigate policy and practice. It has helped me in integrating law, policy and citizens perspective”

Rakesh Kumar Yadav - IG Trg CRPF,
PGDM-PPM (2016-17 batch)

“Not only was the PG Diploma in Public Policy and Management of immense value to me as a serving officer, but also an opportunity to meet and learn from the finest faculty of India in MDI. The programme for me was an interesting study of how to bridge the gap between government policies and people”

Brajesh Mishra - Deputy Director General, Dept. of Telecommunication
PGDM-PPM (2016-17 batch)

“The exposure to a public-policy paradigm in MDI has enriched my knowledge base and constantly enabled me towards evidence-based decision making. PGDM-PPM motivated me to pursue a Fellow program in public policy and governance from MDI. It’s a place that allows reflection and realization to resolve policy dilemmas”  

BK Jha, DIG BSF Kashmir
PGDM-PPM (2010-11 batch)

“At that time, I was in the Commandant rank in the Force. One year plus residential program was well knit to cover all important management issues, basic tenets related to public policies, and global best practices being followed in government organizations. It was one of the most glorious periods in my life for academic pursuit. After this program, I evolved not only at a personal level but also in my overall functioning on day to-day life.”