The Art of Persuasive Communication

Communications and persuasive skills are the most valuable tools that a manager or a cross-functional team leader needs to master today. Managers must be able to articulate plans, diffuse conflicts and handle concerns with competence and tact to lead teams to a problem’s shared solution. They must be able to communicate clearly and persuasively to shine in public forums and achieve breakthroughs. Effective persuasion is a difficult and time-consuming proposition, but it may also be more powerful than the command-and-control managerial model it succeeds.

Course Summary

The Art of Persuasive Communication programme is designed to strengthen executives’ abilities on how to open and maintain communications along with developing strong listening skills.  It comprises a wide range of practical tools and concepts. Participants will learn how to use emotional and rational intelligence to persuade others in one-on-one situations. With an additional focus on communicating with passion and purpose, this three-day programme develops the skills needed to develop impactful, structured and persuasive presentation. They will also acquire techniques for establishing credibility and managing nervous energy. The will also understand crucial nonverbal aspects of communication: authority, energy and audience awareness. This highly interactive programme offers participants individualised assessment and group feedback sessions. These will help them achieve a blend of skills, content, structure, creativity, delivery and personal presence.


  • Understanding and developing one’s own communication style
  • Developing and maintaining open communications
  • Communicating effectively and persuasively
  • Art of influencing and convincing
  • Maximising non-verbal communication
  • Utilising effective listening skills
  • Communicating with authenticity, clarity and coherence
  • Communicating with passion and purpose
  • Delivering a persuasive presentation
  • Learning to secure “buy in” even before one presents her/his plan or idea
  • Developing the skills to reduce and handle objections to one's ideas


The three-day programme makes use of a number of highly dynamic and interactive teaching and training methods. These include individual feedback sessions, case studies, classroom discussions, lectures, presentations and practical exercises. Participants are divided into small groups to foster a high level of trust between them and faculty. This creates a powerful and enriching learning environment.

Who can participate

  • Senior leadership and high-potential executives
  • Business development and marketing teams
  • Leadership in non-profit and service organisations
  • Developers and engineers
  • People who have taken high-impact leadership and now wish to use their personal power to drive audiences and customers to say “Yes”
  • Motivated individuals and entrepreneurs seeking to develop profound leadership communications skills

Registration and Fees

Participants should be nominated by their organisations. The enclosed nomination form should be completed and returned with all the details. The fee of the program is Rs. 37,500 (rupees thirty-seven thousand five hundred only) per participant which includes a professional fee, all charges for lodging and boarding, and supply of course materials. GST as applicable will be charged extra in addition to the programme fee. Payment should be made by cheque/NEFT/RTGS.