Core Values, Vision & Mission


MDI inculcates core values that direct its vision and mission to attain excellence and sustain innovation.

  1. Accountability: MDI shall ensure accountability to all its stakeholders rooted in internal management and external adherence to law and society norms.
  2. Transparency: MDI shall operationalize transparency as the ability of individuals in the organization to be responsive, productive, and innovative.
  3. Trust: MDI shall seek to earn inter-personal trust by adopting governance practices reinforced with policy and process-based decision making.
  4. Inclusion: MDI shall promote non-discrimination practices for all sections of society that advance cohesion and diversity as affirmative action.
  5. Empathy: MDI shall foster a culture of care and co-create skills for everyone to move towards their professional goals.

“MDI aims to be a globally recognized management school through academic excellence and continuous innovation to nurture responsible leaders for creating sustainable alternatives.”

  1. Become a globally recognized management school with international and national recognition through knowledge development.
  2. Enhance academic excellence in research, consulting, training, and teaching with cutting edge resources.
  3. Encourage continuous innovation.
  4. Create and nurture socially responsible leaders.
  5. Promote sustainable alternatives in decision making.