Consulting Capabilities

Strategic Management
  • Study of emerging industry structure in Infrastructure, electronics and IT Industry
  • Strategic restructuring through alliances and Joint ventures
  • Internationalization of Indian companies
  • Management of arts / cultural organizations
  • Strategies for marketing of organic / green products
  • Developing strategic buyer supplier relationship with ancillary Units in manufacturing organizations

Human Resource Management
  • Development / re-orientation of HRM policies, systems and procedures
  • Manpower planning
  • Implementation of 360-degree appraisal system
  • Identification of training & development needs, audit of training efforts and development of training plans, policies and reorienting strategies
  • Organisational restructuring and organisational climate surveys
  • Evaluation / impact assessment studies
  • Designing HRD/OD Interventions for improving organisational effectiveness
  • Action learning
  • Development / Improvement of performance appraisal system, suggestion schemes grievance management
  • Compensation surveys
  • Designing and conducting employee selection tests
  • HR audit services

Operations Management
  • Designing and implementing supply chain models
  • Best practices and benchmarking
  • Designing project planning, monitoring and control systems
  • Designing and implementing manufacturing execution system
  • Materials and inventory management
  • Work simplification and system improvement studies
  • Total quality management and assistance in ISO certification and development of work systems

Information Technology in Management
  • E-Business applications and strategies
  • E-Commerce security planning
  • Internet and E-Commerce technology
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution planning
  • Information Technology strategies and architectures
  • Business Process Reengineering (BPR)
  • Public administration reengineering
  • E-Governance

Marketing Management
  • Marketing research
  • Cyber/internet marketing
  • Customer relations' management
  • Product branding and overall marketing strategy formulation
  • Advertising integrated marketing communication, direct marketing, trade promotions
  • corporate image building
  • Distribution channels
  • Customer value chain management
  • Market modeling

Financial Management
  • Measurement of divisional and corporate performance
  • Developing strategy for financial restructuring
  • Resource mobilization strategy
  • Risk management in stock and foreign exchange markets
  • Designing of costing budgeting systems
  • Evaluation and management of internal cost management and control systems
  • Developing asset liability management framework for financial intermediaries

  • Feasibility studies on financing and managing infrastructure (oil industry, power, road, port, transport, railways)
  • Evaluation study of policies, programmes and schemes of government of India, state governments and international agencies
  • Study of financing of school and university education
  • Industry specific market survey and analysis
  • Performance measurement and evaluation of central public sector undertakings, state
  • level public enterprises and private corporate sector