A speaker session on the theme

September 04, 2022 | 10:30-12:30 PM

COE-ITM (Center of Excellence-Indian Thought and management) to host Speaker Series on  "Anekantavada (Theory of Relativity) " by Prof. Ramesh Chand Jain on 4th September 2022 from 10:30 AM .

Anekantavada (Theory of Relativity), an ancient Jain philosophy, is a tool to understand reality. Reality is complex, with infinite perspectives, and impossible for mortals like us to know it in totality. Each perspective portrays only a part of reality, hence related to the other part, making everything in the universe inter-related. One may believe in his/her viewpoint but should simultaneously develop a habit of not negating other viewpoints. Every viewpoint has an element of truth, and we can get to know the truth only when all viewpoints are amalgamated. The two sub-doctrines, Nayavada (Doctrine of Perspectives) and Syadvada (Doctrine of Conditional Predications) guide us in analysing and synthesizing these multiple perspectives. Anekantavada teaches us how to accept the fact that it is impossible to completely know reality while also presenting us with means to know reality to the best of our ability. Adoption of this non-absolutist approach and rekindling the attitude of non-insistence can meaningfully impact business leadership.

Time: Sep 4, 2022 I 10:00 AM

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