Book Launch Event

December 05, 2022 | 05:30 PM

Center for Ethics, Responsible Organisations and ESG Initiatives invites you to the Book Launch Event on 05 December 2022 I 05:30 PM onwards at MDI Gurgaon Auditorium. The keynote address will be delivered by R. Edward Freeman from University of Virginia and Tanusree Jain from Copenhagen Business School. The event will be organized in an online/offline hybrid format.

Name of the book: Responsible Leadership for Sustainability in Uncertain Times
Publisher: Springer Nature
Editors: Prof. Tanuja Sharma (Lead-CERO@MDI Gurgaon), Prof. Rupamanjari Sinha Ray (Core Member, CERO@MDI Gurgaon) and Dr. Nayan Mitra

Brief about the book:

The latest book in the series of Responsible Leadership and Sustainability Management contains an overview of Responsible Leadership discourse with organizations’ experience in uncertain times. The book provides deep analysis of factors affecting social, economic, and environmental issues which make operations flexible. The case studies covered in the book capture both what did not work and best practices in managing in uncertain times.

Available at Springer: