India Immersion Programme

MDI nurtures a vision to be a truly global business school. As economic networks gained eminence over geographic boundaries, MDI realised the emerging role of international markets and the need for B-schools to groom managers with international perspective. The process of building linkages was started more than a decade ago. As on date, MDI has partnerships in almost every continent of the globe.

To promote internationalization at home MDI Gurgaon has inititated "India Immersion Programme" for the international students and community. The programme is a blended model of Academic and Cultural Learning for the participants.

In line with the mission of the Institute, the mission of the Global Engagements Office is to help MDI-G grow and remain one of India’s leading business schools that is well integrated with the rest of the world through learning, teaching and research. Our mission is to open doors for the students, faculty and staff of MDI Gurgaon to the rest of the world. The goal is to provide them access to innumerable opportunities for personal and professional development as educators, researchers, trainers and administrators. International students and faculty will get to explore the best teaching practices of MDIG. They will share their rich academic and cultural experience which will help students enhance their skills in a globally competitive market.

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